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Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Schwinn 870 last?

The build of this Schwinn is above average and could be a contender to make a long run. It has a decent weight capacity and we at Treadmill Doctor think that the weight limit is not necessarily overstated which is refreshing. Now, all that being said, if you're a 6'2 300 LB nose guard for an NFL team and running at 8 plus miles an hour at a 15% grade things could fail as quickly and spectacularly as the last Challenger space shuttle launch. Too soon? However, if you are slightly above average male or female and not training for the Olympics you should get some quality years out of this treadmill. Schwinn gives you a decent warranty so they believe their product will last a good number of years. Ultimately as with any treadmill in this price range, you need a little luck and need to maintain your purchase to maximize the years of use you are hoping to get out of this Schwinn 870.

Brief Overview

The Schwinn 870 is the fourth-place winner for Treadmill Doctor’s 2021 Best Buy for treadmills in the $1000 to $1299 price point. Now the Schwinn name has been bought and sold more times than I care to remember. This Schwinn 870 is an entry-level treadmill that has some good things going for it and of course like all other treadmills in this price range some things working against it. You can find out more details by reading the rest of our expert reviews.

Overall Quality

The overall build of this Schwinn 870 is above average. It has a nice sleek look that is mostly black. For this price range, it's honestly a nice-looking treadmill. It has an above-average weight for a treadmill in this price range, so we know that the folks at Schwinn have upped the quality from their 830 models. They give you a good bit of power with the 3 HP drive motor that allows a runner to run at a brisk pace and a nice incline range as compared to other treadmills in this price range. The Schwinn 870 has a nice selection of programs to choose from and a nice running surface. Another neat feature is the Bluetooth heart monitor. They offer a decent warranty, so they believe in their product. Now as compared to the Schwinn Bike quality you remember from your childhood that was made in Chicago it’s most certainly not that well-built. With that understanding, Schwinn's quality is above the average of what you’d expect to find in this price range, and you can find treadmills of lower quality out on the market today.

Things we like

  • Program Selection
  • Incline Range
  • Sleek Look
  • Running Area

Things we dislike

  • X
    Customer Service


Number of Programs 26
Heart Rate Sensor & Type EKG/BT
Horsepower 3.0 HP
Speed Range 12 MPH
Incline/Decline Range 15%
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Belt Size 20"x60"
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 215 lbs.
Warranty 10 year Frame& Motor;2 year parts; and 1 year Labor


This is the first time the Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Schwinn 870. Please see our Schwinn reviews and other treadmill reviews as well.


The Schwinn 870 is an entry-level treadmill that has some nice features allowing it to get into our top four. This Schwinn has an above-average build, a nice speed range, a good incline range, and a good-sized running surface. It's backed by a decent warranty and is one of the better-looking treadmills in this price range. We really hope that the Schwinn name finds a stable home for a long time. That is our biggest concern, will the Schwinn name be trampled again and sold off before the warranty on this treadmill expires. As with all treadmills in this price range, you can certainly do worse and any purchase at this price is a bit of a gamble.

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