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Schwinn 830 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Schwinn 830 last?

Now as we know the Schwinn name has been around for a long time and that’s a good thing. If you want to keep this Schwinn 830 rolling for as long as one of your classic Schwinn bikes, we recommend that you do the proper maintenance on this treadmill. You had to oil that chain on your first World Sport, and you got to lube your belt on this Schwinn 830 from time to time. This Schwinn has a lighter weight capacity for this price range, and we feel that is worth noting. If you’re a large individual and a runner this treadmill may not be for you as you are likely to tax the motor and motor controller thus ending in a shorter life span for this treadmill. If you are on the lighter side and below average height, we feel that the motor should get you some quality years and so do the folks at Schwinn. The warranty is above average duration for a treadmill in its class, so you’ve got that going for you if something does break. Now we highly doubt you will get the number of years you got out of your Schwinn Stingray. Those days are currently gone for Schwinn. All in all, with a little luck and some TLC you are maybe able to get some quality years out of this treadmill.

Brief Overview

The Schwinn 830 is the fourth-place winner for Treadmill Doctor’s 2021 Best Buy award for treadmills in the $700 to $999 price point. We are all familiar with the Schwinn name, but they are Schwinn in name only at this point. They have been bought and sold more times than we care to remember. The Schwinn 830 is an entry-level treadmill that's got an eye-catching look to it. The 830 has got a smaller running surface which is suited for a shorter and lighter weight adult. If you’re on the heavier side and feeling nostalgic you may want to check out the Schwinn 870 treadmill which has a larger running area and a more powerful drive motor. I have met many more inferior treadmills in this price range. The folks at Schwinn offer up a good selection of program options which is a plus. They also give you a decent warranty.

Overall Quality

The Overall Quality of this Schwinn 830 is not bad for this price range. Even though it’s the lightest treadmill on this year's Treadmill Doctors Buy List its price range has a respectable build. Now the Schwinn name has been around a long time and that’s why they brought it back. They are playing on your emotions, hoping to bring back some childhood memories. Let’s just hope that you don’t find your inner child wrestling Francis Buxton in a bathtub trying to find out where your Schwinn Western Flyer is located. This 830 has an appealing look, there are certainly less attractive treadmills in this price range. By no means is this the best-built treadmill but it certainly is better than most. We at Treadmill Doctor feel the running/walking surface should be the standard of 60 inches of length for this price range versus the 55 inches that this treadmill offers. This Schwinn has a decent drive motor that should be plenty powerful to handle an average-sized adult without too many problems. The folks at Schwinn give a better than average warranty for this 830 and feel it's going to last, but for how long?

Things we like

  • Decent Motor
  • Program Selection
  • Okay Build

Things we dislike

  • X
    Shorter Running Surface
  • X
    Priced High


Number of Programs 22
Heart Rate Sensor & Type EKG
Horsepower 2.75 HP
Speed Range 12 MPH
Incline/Decline Range 12%
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Belt Size 20"x55"
Folds Yes
Weight Of Unit 200 LBS
Warranty 10 years of Frame & Drive Motor ; 2 Year mechanical & Electronics;& 1 year of labor


This is the first year we have reviewed the Schwinn 830. Please see our Schwinn and other treadmill reviews to help you make your decision on your next treadmill.


The Schwinn 830 is an entry-level treadmill. We at Treadmill Doctor like the fact that this treadmill has a decent number of programs to choose from. It has a decent warranty and a decent motor. We wish that Schwinn had given the extra five inches of running surface length to accommodate a taller individual, but the larger more powerful Schwinn 870 is not much more money. Even though this treadmill is rated for a 300LB individual we at Treadmill Doctor feel that is misleading. If you’re a shorter lighter jogger, you may get several years out of this treadmill. There are worse choices to be made when it comes to treadmills at this price point. There is always some hope that Schwinn will remain a stable brand in this ever-changing world that we live in but as with all treadmills in this price range it’s a bit of live and let die scenario.