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Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

Not a bad machine at a fair price but not well equipped for multiple heavy users.

Overall Quality

If you are a member of Sam?s Club or Costco you will find some Reebok models stacked up so high on the isle racks you will need a ladder in order to climb up and demo one. I joke, please only demo units that are fully assembled on floor level if you can find it. The biggest issue with the wholesale clubs is that there is zero opportunity for the shopper to try out the piece of equipment. I digress, the Reebok actually will feel fantastic compared to front drive ellipticals at the same price point. The draw back is durability. The suspended pedal design is supported by a rear drive, which is basically a bicycle bottom bracket and crank set up. This unit feels great out of the box but simply is not capable of supporting the load and the torque created by the loaded leveraging pedal arm. The press tapers on the spindles break and the pivot points bore out prematurely until the machine is reduce to a clunky mess. If the use is limited to one user under 225 lbs a few times a week the failures should not occur as fast.


Adjustability 3
Reliability 4
Noise Level 3
Value 5
Warranty 2
Quality 4
Ergonomics 4

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