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Reebok Competitor RT 8.0 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

A nice overall package but if I were in your shoes I would be looking either higher or lower in the Reebok line.

Overall Quality

With a large motor, you also get some improvements in overall quality but the 1410 or the 1910 will give you much more for your money than if you go with the RT 8.0. The motor is still a bit smaller than what you would hope for in this range, the electronics are not up to par, and some of the component quality including the frame aren't what we like to see, especially if you plan to use the machine for jogging or running. Several of the drive system parts aren't what we like to see if the treadmill is going to be used seriously.


Walking Area 8.5
Power 7
Cushioning 7.1
Reliability 5.7
Noise Level 5.2
Quality 4
Value 5.4
Warranty 3.5

Customer Reviews

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Brad- Rebok CompetitorOct 05, 2019

My wife and I use it daily. However, have two issues. First, the location of the on-off switch is completely inconveniently placed on the bottom base face. If the unit is up close to a wall, reaching the switch is a pain. It would be far better and safer to have the switch on the upper control panel. Secondly, the pulse sensor in short, SUCKS. It's never worked correctly. It either fails to read, or reads really low (<50) or high (170-198!!). Makes it impossible to exercise at a target heart rate.