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Reebok Competitor RT 6.0 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Short warranty is the only shortcoming on this one! Since Costco has been putting these on sale for $699, it is a 10 for value at that price!

Reebok Competitor RT 6.0 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.34

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill...

A reasonably efficient motor generating good power

The 2.75 HP motor is one of the more powerful motors in the sub-$1,000 category and generates speeds up to 10 mph without much fuss. Noise levels are likely to climb at excessive speeds and in prolonged sessions. Notwithstanding the lifetime warranty on the motor users should avoid overusing this machine to curtail wear and tear of parts.

Reasonably spacious running surface

Given the sub-$1,000 price point we are occupying it's not hard to justify the smaller treadbelt size of 20" x 55", which is a good 5" shorter than the standard size found in quality machines. But this doesn't come in the way of larger and taller runners and won't cramp their running style seriously.

Cushioning is good at this price level

If you want reasonably good impact protection at this price tag this model delivers that efficiently. You get a nice forgiving surface that users can enjoy with a fair degree of comfort.

Reasonably good number of programs and varying track inclines for arduous workouts

You get 10% incline range and 16 Workout Programs to help you burn calories and shed weight with a fair degree of variety and challenge, livening up the routines.

You can fold this treadmill

With dimensions of 72" L x 35" W x 60" H you can breathe easier that this is a folding treadmill and you do get the benefit of reasonable space savings.

Surprisingly durable for the price

Consider yourself at an advantage. You are buying a machine that has the parts quality and longevity of some higher priced models, and that's saying a lot. If you buy this machine with the Costco price advantage you are benefitted doubly.

Points to ponder...

Not the quietest operator

This is not the quietest of models, in fact you will find models in this price band creating a bit of a racket if you prolong sessions and run to kingdom come. It needs to be handled gently to get the best out of it.

Not for serious running

Remember that the motor-drive combination is low powered and low speed, so serious runners won't be able to extract any juice from strenuous workouts, and if they push this machine to its limits they will be inviting early servicing calls.

Warranty coverage is disappointing

The Reebok Competitor RT 6.0 provides a lack luster warranty covering 1 year on-site labor and parts and lifetime frame and motor. Considering the increased parts quality and longevity of the machine, Reebok could have raised the confidence levels of consumers by offering better warranty protection.

Treadmill weight / user weight ratio does not favor heavier users

325 pounds user weight capacity appears exaggerated. Users above 250 pounds are likely to accelerate wear and tear of components leading to early warranty calls, and users beware - the warranty is pathetic. Overusing the machine will guarantee higher operational expenses and maintenance costs.

Poor customer service could create headaches

Non availability of timely service from Icon and long waiting period for spare parts are defects that affect all Icon brands. This takes the glare away from their high quality products and dents public confidence.

Our verdict

The Reebok Competitor RT 6.0 is a very good buy if you purchase through the Costco route for $699. It will assure you quality and longevity provided you handle it with care and avoid strenuous sessions. The NordicTrack C900 Pro ($899) that was 1st Runner Up in the Best Buy Award category is more competitive. But serious runners should look beyond $1,000.

Very solid components on a cheap treadmill. One of the best you can get if you can find it on sale at Costco, it is a winner except for those who put serious training on a treadmill.