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Reebok Challenger 150 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Not a great deal at $899 but we've seen on sale from time to time. The better deal is the Reebok Competitor RT 6.0.

Overall Quality

Not a bad effort but it still comes up short in some of the key areas. Reebok makes better options for your money. If you own one of these, don't look into the motor area unless you like horror flicks because that's what you'll see there. Icon has been making the Reebok fitness equipment line for over a decade and some of the models are very good but many of them are like this one; hoping to fool someone into a horror story that they will soon regret.


Walking Area 7.1
Power 2.4
Cushioning 5.4
Reliability 3.5
Noise Level 3.7
Quality 2.9
Value 2.8
Warranty 3.5