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Proform Trainer 720 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Proform Trainer 720 last?

With a heavier build than most treadmills in its price range, the Proform Trainer 720 is going to be a bit more solid than some of its lighter competition. We at Treadmill Doctor like the fact that Icon decided to outfit this Proform with the 2.5 HP motor. Although there are others with this size motor there are more at this price point with less powerful motors. This treadmill is designed for an average height and build adults. If you have growing teenagers that you're sharing this machine with, they may outgrow its running surface length. As with all machines in this price range, this treadmill is a bit of a gamble. If you maintain this Proform well and don’t have many heavy users, this treadmill could last a while. If you do not maintain this treadmill and are over 6 foot and 300Lbs you may lament the standard but short warranty which only covers parts and labor for 1 year.

Brief Overview

The Proform Trainer 720 is an entry-level folding treadmill. This treadmill has got a bulkier build than most machines at this price point. This Trainer 720 has a fair-sized running surface and has a nice number of programs to choose from although you do not get Ifit included with this treadmill. The motor has more power than others in this price class and should be capable of handling a mid-sized jogger. The larger running surface, program selection, and more powerful motor is the reason that this Proform Trainer 720 earned third place for the 2021 Best Buy for treadmills in the $400-$699 price range. Like all entry-level treadmills, there are some things we like and some we do not.

Overall Quality

The Proform Trainer 720 is a bit more basic as far as features go and can be a good thing. The Trainer 720 has the heaviest unit weight of all the competitors in its price class. This coupled with the wider than average running surface and more powerful motor speaks to its better build. We feel it is quite possible that a close to 300 LB near 6-foot individual could use this treadmill for a while. This Proform has a good number of programs to choose from and has a decent range in both speed and incline. This Trainer 720 while not technologically advanced, should be able to handle larger joggers than its smaller relative the Proform City T7. The Proform Trainer 720 doesn’t come with 1year of Ifit or Bluetooth Heart rate monitoring, like other Proform treadmills. Also, this Proform has Icon’s unfortunately short warranty.

Things we like

  • 18 Programs
  • Heavier Build
  • 2.5 HP Motor

Things we dislike

  • X
    Icon Customer Service
  • X
    No Bluetooth Heart Monitor
  • X


Number of Programs 18
Heart Rate Sensor & Type EKG
Horsepower 2.5 HP
Speed Range 10 MPH
Incline/Decline Range 10%
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Belt Size 20"x55"
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 203 LBS
Warranty 10 Year Frame, and 1 year Labor& Parts


This is the first year that we reviewed the Proform 720 Trainer. If you would like to see how this Proform stacks up against the competition, please read this and other treadmills we have reviewed on the 2021 Best Buy list.


The Proform Trainer 720 is an entry-level treadmill. If you’re single or married to another petite jogger, not a pavement pounder this treadmill could last a while. We at Treadmill Doctor like the weight of this treadmill and the fact that it comes with a decent running area and larger drive motor. We feel that the 18 programs are more than enough in this price range versus paying $400 for a year subscription of Ifit, which might not make sense at this price point. We like the fact that this treadmill is simply a treadmill and doesn’t have a bunch of frills. If you’re on a budget and maintain the Proform Trainer 720 you may get years of use out of this treadmill. We wish this treadmill had a better warranty, but it is on par with the competition in this price range. Furthermore, we have placed the Proform Trainer in third place for the 2021 Best Buy List of treadmills in the $400-$699 price range.

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