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Proform The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 4.0 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The best that Proform offers! The Bluetooth Speed Ring is one of the best features we've seen to the treadmill world! Thought it was a gimmick but I found it really useful.

Overall Quality

We knew a $4,000 Proform was coming we just didn't think it would have so much plastic on it. It is obvious though where they put the money. The speed ring is a neat new feature and the Bluetooth worked great on our test model. You should never need Proform's service but if you do, you will wonder how this company ever got you to part with $4 grand if you have a bad service experience. With that said, you shouldn't need a service call.


Walking Area 9.2
Power 8.2
Cushioning 8.2
Reliability 7.2
Noise Level 6.5
Quality 6.4
Value 3.8
Warranty 9.3