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Proform The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 Treadmill Review

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A massively new change in how a treadmill is constructed. Great running platform that makes it incredible that Proform is written on the side but after you see all the plastic, you'll wonder why you didn't immediately think Proform.

Proform The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.39

Icon Health and Fitness is the mastermind behind the Proform series of TMs, and you will see many of these models priced in the $500- $1,500 range that vary in quality as the price range increases. Warranties that are weaker in the lower price segments are strengthened in high end models.

To attract eyeballs the company has packed the machines with features presented in excellently designed TMs. High definition video workouts simulate the famous Boston Marathon running conditions as users tap into an Android Brower interface to access Google Maps and street views that come alive on a 10 inch touch screen display.

While our search for machine quality is amply rewarded, we do have reservations about the quality of aftersales service which is historically spotty and still has leagues to improve.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

A 4.25 HP to turbo charge athletic ambition

15mph speeds guarantee that you keep pace with the best marathoners in the field and stay in the race.

The incredible power and larger running surface are tailor-made for awesome athlete and make the Proform The Official Boston Marathon 3.0 one of the most sought after treadmills in its class. What appeals to the serious user is the delectable motor-drive combination that ensures top class performance with almost whisper soft vibration or noise. For those that are athletically inclined and follow meticulous training schedules this treadmill delivers a knockout performance.

Belt area at 20" x 62": the big guys get extra yards of sizzling pace

There's length and width to accommodate almost anybody and that makes it easier to break ground and test the limits of one's racing potential, secure in the knowledge that you are safe and protected from limb injury.

A good range of onboard training programs for better outdoor race simulation

Whether you are considering training for a marathon, a cross country race or an athletic meet, these pre-programed workouts will cater your needs with the minimum of fuss, giving you a real-time feel of what it's like when the heat is on in live action races.

-6% to 20% decline/ incline features give you a realistic idea of the challenging outdoors

Admittedly, the incline/decline features are extremely well geared for serious runners, especially those that are accustomed to more challenging outdoor environments. This machine will test your endurance.

iFit enables you to move up a level in competitive running

One of the best features of this TM, the iFit Technology ensures you get online exposure to international competitive running. But a paid membership and subscription is the only key to opening this feature.

Warranty that perfectly underscores the quality and competence of this TM

Motor and frame attract a lifetime warranty, followed by 6 years on parts as well as electronics, and not less than 3 years for labor. This speaks volumes for Icon and the commitment and precision that has created this engineering masterpiece. All said and done, you may never have to call in that warranty!

Points to ponder for the budget conscious buyer

The cost factor will intimidate budget freaks

The Official Boston Marathon 3.0 is not the stuff that the average household budgets were created for; $2,999 is above and beyond Huckleberry Finn. The curious exerciser, the casual runner and the intermittent racer had better look elsewhere for the treadmill falling in the $999 to $1499 range for instance where he would get more value for smaller budgets.

The machine/ user weight capacity could be much above the user's real needs

Single users exceeding 350 pounds will not have any problems using this machine but users in the lower weight category should ask themselves if they ought to spend so much money for this massive power punch.

Proform's service can be problematic

The excellent warranty should be more than adequate to take care of servicing but what if the serviceman can't get the parts to the service person? That's a nagging problem that users be prepared to face with an Icon machine, though there is some commitment to improvement.

Our verdict

The Official Boston Marathon 3.0 costs $2,999, making it more expensive than any average treadmill (priced around $1,500) but then this is no ordinary machine by any standards. It's a remarkable piece of engineering that's custom made for the serious athlete and top class racer. 20% incline will challenge even the most advanced runner. Solid quality with Proform's legendarily spotty customer service.