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Proform Sport 9.0 S Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Very nice execution on the Sport 9.0 S! Hits the sweet spot for many customers who need a machine that can perform with a low price. Just don't think it will last forever.

Overall Quality

A great walker's treadmill and one of the finest efforts that Icon has made in the $1,000 price range. Large motor along with some upgrades in the drive system area paired with some cheap parts make for a unit that will hold up to the casual user but might snare some runners who think that it looks so good that it should hold up to a runner. That's where you will run into trouble with this machine. It might hold up okay for a walker but a runner will put this one into the grave eventually.


Walking Area 8.5
Power 7
Cushioning 6.7
Reliability 5.8
Noise Level 5.3
Quality 4.5
Value 6.1
Warranty 5.5