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Proform Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Proform Smart Pro 5000 last?

The Proform Smart Pro 5000 has a nice build. You will notice it when you try and get this Proform out of the box. You probably want to opt for their white-glove service if it's going upstairs because it is heavier than other treadmills in this price range. This Smart Pro comes with a nice powerful motor and should be able to handle most adults in a residential setting without any problems. The one thing that we do not like about this treadmill is the warranty. This brings up the same negative thing we have to say about most of Icons products. If they don't have faith that their parts are going to last, should you? We feel the Smart Pro 5000 powerful drive motor shouldn’t give you any problems as long as you do the proper maintenance. And most likely you will never need those extra years of Parts and Labor Warranty, but they are nice to have in hand to give you peace of mind. With some proper care and maintenance, we feel that the build of this treadmill and the drive terrain should be fine but anytime you’ve got a touch screen involved things can get expensive. You don’t leave your TV on all day when you’re not using it nor should you leave your treadmill on all day especially when its got a touch screen. Ultimately when it comes to treadmills in this price range it’s a bit of a gamble when it comes to forecasting just how many hassle-free years you get. We wish Icon had more faith in their Proform Smart Pro 5000 because and provided a better warranty because we really liked the build and think it could stand years of use.

Brief Overview

The Proform Smart Pro 5000 has a lot of likable features and at this price, there are also some not so likable features. This Proform is one of the highest-priced treadmills that the folks at Icon have under the Proform brand name. As with any treadmill in this mid-lower price range, it can be a bit of a gamble. Therefore, we have ranked the Proform Smart Pro 5000 second place for Treadmill Doctor's 2021 Best Buy at the $1500 to $1999 price point.

Overall Quality

The overall build of this Proform Smart Pro 5000 is definitely a big step up from Icon’s treadmills we reviewed in the $1300-$1499 price range. It's noticeably heavier out of the box and is much better constructed than those in the Carbon series. It comes with 50 built-in programs whereas the Carbon is more limited to being run by Ifit. Now speaking of Ifit if that's your concern, this Proform of course has it built into the 10" touch screen. In fact, Icon gives you 1-year Ifit for free with the purchase of this treadmill. This Smart Pro 5000 gives you a powerful drive motor and an ample running surface. This should accommodate most adults. We at Treadmill Doctor believe this treadmill will have no problem with above-average height and weight individuals to a point. Icon has been on our grievance list on some of its more economical treadmills claimed weight capacity, but we feel the build on this Smart Pro 5000 may indeed be able to support a runner of 300Lbs. This treadmill comes with the usual Icon gimmicks such as the CoolAire fan and built-in speakers. We like the fact that at this price point you get a decline option on the elevation system and a higher incline range as well. This is where the Icon Models below this Smart Pro 5000 really get separated. It's pretty amazing what the extra couple hundred dollars will buy you in this case. We can be hard on Icon from time to time due to their sometimes- inconsistent customer service but we like being fair when they get something right.

Things we like

  • Program Selection
  • Large Running Area
  • Powerful Motor
  • Nice Decline and Incline Range

Things we dislike

  • X
    A Bit Expensive
  • X
    Short Warranty
  • X
    Icon's Customer Service


Number of Programs 50 Preprograms and 1 year of IFit
Heart Rate Sensor & type EKG/BT
Horsepower 3.75 HP
Speed Range 12 MPH
Incline/Decline Range -3-15
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Belt Size 22"x60"
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 287 LBS
Warranty 10 year Frame, 2 years parts, and 1 year Labor


This is the first time the Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Proform Smart Pro 5000. Please see our Proform reviews as well as other treadmill reviews.


In conclusion, we at Treadmill Doctor think the Proform Smart Pro 5000 is a well-built treadmill. If I were choosing, as an above-average sized adult, between this model and the Carbon series it would be a no brainer. You just must be willing to spend the extra $200, but you may be able to find this one on sale as well. All in all, the Proform Smart Pro 5000 is one of the better treadmills you are going to find in this price range, and this why we awarded it second place in the $1500-$1999 price range. It has lots of power and a good running surface and lots of programs to choose from as well the Ifit capable 10” touch screen. We like the fact that for this price you get the decline option as well as a light commercial range on the incline. We at Treadmill Doctor just wish they would give you a little better warranty to protect your investment. Now there are certainly better-built treadmills out there but not many in this price range that are packed full of features like the Proform Smart Pro 5000. This is a case where other than the warranty we think Icon has made a good machine for the money.