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Proform Smart Power 10.0 Bike Review

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How long will the Proform Smart Power 10.0 last?

One of the main reasons why we ranked the Smart Power 10.0 so high on our cheap bike list is because of the build. You usually cannot find a bike that will last more than a year without spending close to $1,000 dollars. But, hey, Proform did think the Smart Power 10.0 was worth a grand. So if you can find this model on sale, then you will be getting a decent value because the Smart Power 10.0 was built to be able to stack up to more expensive bikes. With that said, we still would only suggest a light beginner using this bike because they will likely see the most time out of it.

Brief Overview

If you are able to find the Proform Smart Power 10.0 on sale, then you may agree with us that this bike is one of the better low-end exercise bikes on the market. In the lower price range, the Smart Power 10.0 shines bright, but that is only if you can find the price marked down. We have seen Proform’s price reduction and appreciate the few attributes that the Smart Power 10.0 does offer. Accordingly, we have awarded this exercise bike our 2020 First Place Best Buy Award for the $400 to $699 dollar range.

Overall Quality

We need to preface this review with a little disclaimer first. Some fitness equipment manufacturers like to hike their prices up so that they can slash them to what the machine actually costs and fool people into thinking they got a good deal; Proform is one of these companies. We have awarded the Smart Power 10.0 bike our First Place 2020 Best Buy Award for the $400 to $699 dollar category, but please keep in mind that we only awarded this bike because we found it on sale. At it’s original price of nearly $1,000 dollars, we would not recommend it.

But, looking at the Smart Power 10.0 in the light of the $400 to $699 dollar bikes, you really can’t get much more value. For starters, we like that Proform included a ten inch HD touchscreen. Of course, they threw in six free months of iFit, but you will still be able to enjoy your screen afterwards. Unlike other bikes in the lower price ranges, the Smart Power 10.0 also comes with twenty-two resistance levels that are controlled on the nicer console. Looking at the bike as a whole, we find the Smart Power 10.0 to have a relatively strong build among the lower end bikes which should make for a longer lasting machine. Additionally, Proform’s warranty with this bike is not too shabby either. Combine all of these features at the lower price and you have a pretty decent exercise bike.

All that said, we of course still have our dislikes. Outside of the original price being a little outrageous, we are never too thrilled about the iFit technology. It is not necessarily that we do not like just iFit, rather the idea that you have to continue to pay for programming even after you have bought the machine just so you can reap all of the value from it. You see, Proform values their iFit programming which means they include it in the price. If you don’t choose to pay $40 dollars a month for some coach on your screen, then your Smart Power 10.0 decreases in value. We can see this lack of value in the Smart Power 10.0’s resistance mechanism. Proform opted for the cheaper magnetic resistance system instead of an electromagnetic system. Simply put, instead of your bike emitting an electric current to change the resistance, there is a mechanism that moves the flywheel closer to the magnet. Electromagnetic systems are usually quitter, longer lasting, and provide better workouts. We wonder if Proform didn’t care so much about their iFit if they could have put in a better resistance mechanism.

Things we like

  • 10" HD Touchscreen
  • 22 Resistance Levels
  • Strong Build
  • Decent Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
  • X
    iFit Technology
  • X
    Magnetic Resistance


Number of Programs Six Months of Free iFit
Flywheel N/A
Drive System Magnetic
Resistance 22 Levels
Seat Adjustable
Heart Rate Sensor and Type N/A
Transport Wheels Yes
Footprint 52 L x 21.9 W x 56.5 H
Weight Capacity 250
Weight of Unit 140
Warranty 10 Yr Frame, 2 Yr Parts, 1 Yr Labor


This is the first year that we have been able to review the Proform Smart Power 10.0 bike. We encourage you to check out our other Proform reviews to get a good feel of their products.


Even still, the Smart Power 10.0 has some of the most resistance levels, good adjustability, good touchscreen and console, and a decent warranty for the $400 to $699 dollar range. So, if you can find this bike on sale then we suggest you seriously consider Smart Power 10.0. Among the lower priced bikes, our 2020 First Place Best Buy for the $400 to $699 category should hold up nicely.