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Proform Premier 500 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Proform Premier 500 last?

Say you do find the Premier 500 on sale, you will have a decent walking treadmill. This smaller price range does not warranty an over abundance of quality. If you are a serious runner, or even a jogger, then you would be better off purchasing a more expensive machine. But, if you treat the Premier 500 well and use it for moderate walking, you should be able to use this treadmill for a few years before having to fix it.

Brief Overview

There certainly is a big benefit from shopping around especially when it comes to treadmills. Take the Proform Premier 500, for instance. We have awarded the Premier 500 our Third Place 2020 Best Buy Award for the $700 to $999 dollar range, but our First Place winner, the NordicTrack T6.5 Si is nearly the same treadmill for less money. Still, the Premier 500 is not a total waste of money.

Overall Quality

Let’s start with the few features that we do like. Proform did build the Premier 500 with what are now standard features for treadmills these days. Features like EKG Cardio Grips, ten speed levels, ten incline levels, a 2.5 HP motor, and a 20 x 55 inch walking area. Especially amongst our other top four the Premier 500 does not stand out with these features. But, this treadmill does come with 20 built-in workouts which is not a guaranteed number for all treadmills in this price range. Similar to all of these features, the Premier 500 also has a pretty standard warranty.

But let’s be honest about where the Premier 500 stands when compared to other machines in this price range. First off, you have to find this treadmill on sale to even consider it in this price range. Proform usually sells the Premier 500 for about $1,200 dollars. But when you do find it on sale, you may want to be a little wary. Some markets that sell the Premier 500 on sale say that it comes with a one-year free iFit subscription. If that is the case, then the only thing separating the NordicTrack T6.5 Si (our First Place for 2020) and the Premier 500 is about $20 dollars. With that said, Proform no longer advertises the iFit one-year free for the Premier 500. Typically, the manufactures (Proform) sell the most current models while the markets sell the older ones. Sure, the markets sell new treadmills but they may be a 2018 or 2017 model. So, we are not exactly sure how this will affect the inclusion of the one-year free iFit subscription. And, without this one-year free, there is not really too much that makes the Premier 500 special. The Premier 500 has a decent build, but like we said, you can get a few more features for $20* less.

*Prices may vary on sales from different times of the year.

Things we like

  • 20 Built-In Workouts
  • Okay Build

Things we dislike

  • X
    Standard Features
  • X
    High Price


Pre-Programmed Workouts 20
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Horsepower 2.5
Speed Range 10
Incline/Decline Range 10
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Walking Area 20 x 55
Folds Yes
Unit Weight N/A
Warranty 10 Yr Frame, 2 Yr Parts, 1 Yr Labor


We have not reviewed the Proform Premier 500 in the past. But we welcome you to check out our other Proform treadmills to get a good feel of the brand.


We have awarded the Premier 500 our Third Place 2020 Best Buy Award not because of its unique features but rather because it is a decent value if you can find it on sale. While we like the features that the Premier 500, we would not say it is the best since you can get a better machine for less money. We recommend shopping around for other treadmills in this price range, but if you do decide on the Premier 500 it should prove to be a decent machine for the average walker.