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Proform Power 995 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Beautiful unit that has the ifit Live feature which is really quite impressive. A solid entry level machine for many.

Proform Power 995 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 6.32

Bragging rights...

Very good motor that features in high end models

A powerful large frame 3 HP motor that has very good power producing capability and which even features in some higher priced models. Getting this motor at this price is value for money. Experienced runners can sail smoothly reaching speeds up to 12 mph without breaking strides in a relatively noise free routine.

The belt size is standard and provides ample space for a comfortable run

The belt size of 20" x 60" makes running easier for frequent runners, and there is ample width and sufficient length to accommodate any type of runner.

The ProShox Elite 2 Cushioning does a great job of protecting hard working leg and back muscles and smoothly deadens the jarring impact of sustained running keeping muscles fresher and ready to work longer. This is not the surface to wear out faster and this kind of quality goes up the pricing ladder into some high end models.

The improved cushioning, incline variations up to 15% and a reasonably good range of 20 workout programs keep runners thoroughly engaged in challenging simulations.

iFit Live technology is the show stopper

iFit will lead you into the thick of international race track action through Google Maps and racing routes that simulate the highs and lows of each slope in hilly conditions. The feature that allows you to customize your individual workout is outstanding.

The drawbacks...

If you are a runner this treadmill may not be for you

The rigors of extreme running require a higher level of quality and durability and dependability and a machine that has to cut corners to be priced below $1,000 would not be the right fit. You must set your sights higher spending not less than $1,500.

Warranty could have been better but we are below the $1,000 price mark

Warranty is 1 year for labor and 3 years for parts, with frame and motor enjoying lifetime coverage. This is not too bad considering the fact that not many brands show this kind of confidence in their low end models.

Electronics can throw a wrench in the works

Like most low end treadmills this model too has the occasional glitch in electronics. Icon's poor service response could end up worrying you.

Our verdict

The Power 995 represents a defining moment for Proform where quality of components weds excellent features to create a model that more than lives up to its price tag. Even a slight improvement in quality can see you move noticeably higher up the price ladder, so this is value for money in the $700 to $999 category for a decent machine. If you are constrained by finances and this is going to be your first treadmill you will be impressed.

The ability to race others live on the Internet and the touch screen make you forget this is a Proform. If it works long-term, these treadmills could put everyone else out of business.