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Proform Power 1080 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

If you can find it at their "sale" price of $1299, it is a deal. Better component parts and much longer warranty make it a deal compared to the Power 995.

Proform Power 1080 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.82

Bragging rights...

Great motor that packs enough thrust to power a smooth workout

The 3.25 HP motor does a great job powering extreme workouts and is very competitive in the sub $1,500 range. Runners can generate speeds topping 12 mph without any difficulty on this treadmill. Serious runners can raise the bar and follow a hectic fitness schedule without hesitation as motor health will be covered by a lifetime warranty.

Standard belt size and superb cushioning provide just the right surface for power workouts

The walking area of 20" x 60" is the standard size for walking belts introduced in modern treadmills, providing ample area to walk and run comfortably without compromising speed and safety.

The ProShox Elite 2 cushioning system provides ample protection to joints and back and presents a forgiving surface that is very good in the sub $1,500 price range.

Incline variation up to 15% and a challenging variety of 32 workout programs makes extreme running enjoyable on this wonderful treadmill.

Can handle heavier runners

This is a big machine whose frame can easily handle loads up to 350 pounds without compromising power or speed. If you are 350 pounds and plan to run on it, plan on some belt slippage.

This is a folding treadmill

The folding feature is definitely an advantage, but dimensions of 81"L x 36.8"W x 58.5"H leave a reasonably large footprint. You must decide whether your home or apartment has enough space for this machine.

The warranty is outstanding for this price point

Labor is covered by a warranty of 2 years, parts are 5 years, and the motor and frame get lifetime coverage, making this a warranty that delivers peace of mind. This is definitely more value for money for the paying user.

Drawbacks from the viewpoint of the user...

Too pricey for Jumping Jack!

An attractive model with a high-end motor, excellent drive system and brilliant cushioning is priced just right at $1,299 and this tag remains out of reach of many! But the fact remains that a serious runner needs such a treadmill to do justice to serious fitness workouts. The average walker might do well to look closer at models such as the Proform Power 995 which is priced $300 lower.

The high user weight tolerance could be way beyond actual needs

If you happen to be the sole user and an infrequent user it doesn't make sense to purchase a treadmill that over delivers at a price that is beyond your budget. Our experience is that casual users can easily satisfy their needs through good models in the sub $1,000 range. The opposite is true for serious runners who should be aiming above $1,000.

Our verdict

The quality, reliability and longevity are really good for a treadmill that costs $1,299. It is definitely better value for money, particularly when Proforma are gradually merging better quality to competitive pricing. The warranty is the cherry on the banana split.

This is one of the BEST Proforms ever made. The customer service still isn't up to the levels of other companies.