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Proform Performance 900 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Once again, this is one of the best Proform models ever made. When you consider the hundreds of models they have had over the years, that is saying something.

Proform Performance 900 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.21

What we can say in favor of the treadmill...

Motor good enough to empower an efficient drive system

This 3 HP motor impresses because of its power producing capabilities and if you desire any improvement you need to move beyond $2,000. Running speeds up to 12 mph are easily attained and runners can follow a challenging routine on this machine.

Adequate belt size and improved cushioning make a huge difference to the quality of workouts

The walking area of 20" x 56" is 4" shorter than the standard belt but is still good enough to give runners a stable platform to exercise comfortably. Taller runners may have to move slightly away from the intruding console to preserve balance.

The ProShox Plus system does an effective job of cushioning your joints and back against the shuddering impact of running, and to get such a forgiving surface in the price band below $1,500 is a bonus.

Treadmill can tolerate high weight category users

The machine and its capable motor-drive system can take a pounding from users clocking 350 pounds without strain although heavier users might experience belt slipping if they want to run.

The drawbacks...

Climbing the cost barrier

This is an attractive model with a capable motor and excellent quality parts and drive giving you great value for money at $1,299, but may still be out of reach of many users.

Serious runners will not regret paying extra for one of the best running models below the $1,500 point, but the average consumer that needs a bargain would do better to focus on treadmills in the sub $1,000 range where features can be matched to quality at prices they can afford.

No point getting a treadmill that over delivers

If you are not a frequent runner or power exerciser or professional trainer there is no point in shelling out extra dollars to acquire a product that delivers much more than your usage pattern.

Treadmill will require space planning

Despite the folding nature of the treadmill, its dimensions of 76"L x 36.75"W x 68.58"H are big enough to create space issues in smaller homes and tiny apartments. So plan your purchase after deciding its location in the home.

Warranty is rather average

The quality of parts is good and longevity of the model is also OK. The warranty of 1 year for labor, 3 years for parts and lifetime for motor and the frame is average for this price range.

Our verdict

The Proform Performance 900 grabs our attention because they have put more quality into this model, a better motor and a great motor drive system that is really good for runners. Barring the average warranty this is one of the better choices in the sub $1,500 category; unless you have eyes on the Proform Power 1080i which scores in the warranty stakes.

Proform is putting quality (it is hard for us to put those words in the same sentence) into their $1000 plus machines and this is just more evidence of it.