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Proform Performance 600i Treadmill Review - $899.00

  • Rating

  • How Long Will The Proform Performance 600i Last?

    We all know that careless rebel who constantly tries to defy reality by purchasing a phone that basically requires a down payment, but refuses to buy a twenty dollar case for it. They are the same person who gives a new meaning to reading between the lines when their screen shatters into a million pieces. Don't be a careless rebel with your treadmill. Please be sure to take the time to unplug it when you're done with it and set a cleaning routine to keep it working smoothly. Taking a few little steps to create an ideal environment for your treadmill will keep you from having to purchase another treadmill in a few years.

    With an ideal environment, the Performance 600i is likely to have a pretty long life. A serious runner who uses a treadmill daily at near maximum capacity, however, should not expect much from an $800 dollar machine. But, if you are a light to moderate exerciser then you should not have to worry for a number of years.
  • Brief Overview

    When compared to the other treadmills that are priced from $700 to $999, Proform's Performance 600i has an almost identical build that is only somewhat lower with a warranty that is slightly less valuable. Yet, for a market price of $800, this treadmill has a reasonable amount of quality for a good price. Taking this into account, we have awarded the Performance 600i Third Place on our 2019 Best Buy List in the $700 to $999 dollar category.
  • Overall Quality

    The Performance 600i is kind of like the smart girl that sat in front of you in English class. While she was certainly not as pretty as the blonde cheerleader, at least she was better than taking your cousin to the movies. When placed against some of the higher priced treadmills in this price category, the Performance 600i is obviously lacking in a few categories. But among the $800 dollar machines, this treadmill has a sturdier build and a reasonable amount of workout programs. As with most of the Icon products made in recent years, the Performance 600i is iFit compatible but does not come with a free membership, only an integrated tablet holder to help encourage you to spend more money.

    The standard warranty attached to this machine shows an added amount of value and Proform’s faith in this machine. Other standard features include a twenty-inch walking area, folding capability, a 325-pound weight capacity, and two heart rate grips. One feature that is not as heavily advertised is the Icon customer service that also comes with this treadmill. Icon, Proform's parent company, has developed quite the bad rap over the years for disappointing service which may be a factor in your decision making.
  • Things we like

    • Sturdy Build
    • Standard Warranty
    • Reasonable Amount of Programs

    Things we dislike

    • X
      Icon's Customer Service
  • Specs

    Number of Programs 22
    Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG� Heart Rate Monitor
    Horsepower 2.75
    Speed Range 0 - 12
    Incline/Decline Range 0 - 12
    Weight Capacity 325 Lbs
    Belt Size 20 x 60
    Footprint 79.75 x 36.75 x 59.25
    Folds Yes
    Weight of Unit N/A
    Warranty Lifetime frame and motor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor
  • History

    Over the years, we have noted that the Performance 600i has not had the same standard of quality as other machines for this price. We have said that this treadmill has been made with cheap parts hidden under a pretty exterior. Overall, we have knocked Proform for cutting corners in the Performance 600i.
  • Conclusion

    Comparatively, the Performance 600i is not the best treadmill but does help to define "standard" for treadmills in this $700 to $999 dollar range. A sturdier build, okay amount of built-in workout programs, and an average warranty help to make the Performance 600i a quality machine for the price. We have granted this treadmill Third Place on our 2019 Best Buy list for the $700 to $999 dollar range and would recommend this machine for a light to a moderate user on a budget.

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