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Proform Performance 500 S Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The best $599 model ever made and our best buy winner in the $400 to $600 category! That is like claiming you had the best industrial accident in the history of business because so few lives were lost.

Overall Quality

Don't think that our praise of the job they pulled off with this model means it is a quality unit. To the contrary, this is not a good machine but it has the best chance to hold up to light use than any other treadmill at the same price point or below. Proform still makes MAJOR component compromises throughout the drive system parts, the frame is cheap, and the plastics are as cheap as they can make them and still make the machine look good. This is what Icon does the best...great presentation but it is not a good treadmill. Just the best treadmill at this price point!


Walking Area 7.1
Power 2.9
Cushioning 4.6
Reliability 4
Noise Level 3.8
Quality 3.3
Value 4.9
Warranty 3.5

Customer Reviews

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Tony- Quality is relativeApr 10, 2019

I have had my PF 500S for several years. I had cancer in my spine that left permanent damage and heavy debt from the bills. I needed something to help me come back from a debilitating condition and this has helped me go from 10 minutes at 2 mph to 60 minutes at 4 mph in two years. I may not be a world runner, but I no longer walk with a cane either. For those that can afford and do walk on a $2000 treadmill, this may not be a barn-stormer, but it's not junk to those of us that just need a little help. I would, and probably will, buy another should this one ever go down.