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Proform Performance 400 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

For someone who is going to simply walk... and do not do too much of that or you will need the Treadmill Doctor.

Proform Performance 400 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.65

We leave it to prospective buyers to decide the merits and cons...

Motor suited to walking only

The 2.25 HP motor generates barely enough power for brisk walking and nothing more strenuous. Users can work up speeds up to 10 mph. The warranty is for a period of 25 years. Any activity bordering on jogging or running is bound to enhance noise levels.

Tread belt is good but is underpowered

Normally a belt size of 20" x 55" would be welcomed in a low-end treadmill but unfortunately there is insufficient power to boost strenuous exercises. It's a good 5" shorter in length than the standard belt and this is a huge disadvantage in power running, which this treadmill is not designed for. The incline variation at 10% is lower than the standard for good treadmills.

Cushioning doesn't cut the grade

Even if this is low-end there is no justification for the poor cushioning as this seriously impacts the quality of a workout and exposes the user to limb and muscle injury.

Value for money in the $400 to $699 price band

The treadmill underscores the fact that you are getting what you pay for and it's very difficult to get a good treadmill for a price below $700. Serious runners should aim to spend above $1,500 for treadmills that deliver quality and performance.

Warranty coverage is pathetic

When you get lifetime for frame but only 25 years for motor, and just one year to cover parts and labor it can't be called a warranty, it's a sellout. Users need to tread softly as cheaper parts will wear out fast and generate higher maintenance expenses.

Has limited user weight tolerance

300 pound users will only succeed in wearing out parts faster and sending the motor into never-never land. Heavy users and frequent usage is totally ruled out with a puny 2.25 HP back up.

This is a folding treadmill

The unit dimensions are 72"L x 35"W x 61.5"H. Some degree of space planning will be required to locate this machine in smaller confined spaces and tiny apartments

Reliability is a cause for concern

When the quality of parts is not up to desired standards, the life expectancy of this machine will be short. If you use it frequently you can expect early warranty calls.

The final analysis

The Proform Performance 400 barely makes the grade for a committed walker, and we can't recommend this to runners. Servicing and parts replacements will most likely bug the user in the short term, and Icon's poor customer service will cause concern. Serious runners need to look at higher quality treadmills priced $1,500 and above for strong results.

If you are a serious user, seriously walk away from this machine. If you are going to baby it and take care of it like we suggest, it is borderline whether it will work long-term.