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Proform Performance 400 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

For someone who is going to simply walk'and do not do too much of that or you will need the Treadmill Doctor.

Proform Performance 400 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 4.99

If you are a serious user, seriously walk away from this machine. If you are going to baby it and take care of it like we suggest, it is borderline whether it will work long-term.

The Proform Performance 400 is the kind of treadmill we would recommend if we were trying to push models that would send you back to our website looking for replacement parts. This machine can only handle walking, and it can't handle much of that. At $599, you're a below average value.

A good sized walking area is provided by this treadmill. The belt measures in at 20" x 55". While this is a good 5" shorter than the standard 20" x 60" walking belt, it should still provide enough length for users with large strides to use comfortably.

The motor in this machine isn't great. It's not bad for the price, but you can find models that cost about the same with greater power producing capabilities. The speed range maxes out at 10 mph, but you'll end up wearing out the structure and drive system quickly if you try to use this treadmill for running.

Even in a model this inexpensive, the cushioning system is disappointing. ProShox Lite Cushioning is used to reduce the impact that walking has on your joints and back. Putting the term 'Lite Cushioning' in the name seems very appropriate.

The projected reliability is poor. The life expectancy of this machine is very short, unless you plan on barely using it. The quality of parts is what you expect at this price, which isn't a good thing.

If low noise levels are important to you, you may want to look at a different model. Most of the inexpensive models that are available are quieter during operation than this one is.

The warranty on the Proform Performance 400 is pretty bad. Parts and labor are covered for 1 year, the motor is covered for 25 years, and the frame is covered for life. This kind of coverage shouldn't inspire any confidence in this treadmill.