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Proform Performance 400 C Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A cheap alternative for a Proform but not a very good treadmill.

Proform Performance 400 C Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.25

The good, the bad and the problematic...

A mini motor is all you can expect

With a 2.50 HP small frame doing the backroom job, users can't expect to do anything more than brisk walking on this treadmill. You'll get speeds topping a modest 10 mph if you want to stand to the side and watch the belt do 10 mph, and running remains a distant dream. Noise will bother you especially if you conduct a strenuous workout, but don't overuse the machine as the motor does not carry a lifetime warranty.

Treadbelt is good but of little use because it is underpowered

Surprisingly the walking area provided is a decent 20" x 55" which will give you sufficient area to walk comfortably. It's 5" shorter than standard and taller users with a lengthier stride will feel cramped.

A modest incline of 10% and 18 workout programs will provide small variation to challenge your daily routine. For anything superior be prepared to spend more and move to higher priced models.

Cushioning is disappointing

This is another weak area in this namesake treadmill. The ProShox cushioning doesn't provide superior protection to joints and muscles, so anything strenuous is ruled out. Besides, you will wear out cheaper parts quicker.

You really get what you pay for in the $400 to $699 price range

Within $700 you can't expect great quality treadmills, only their pale imitations. If you are a serious runner you need to set your sights higher, higher than $1,000 for better parts and improved performance. For extreme runners we recommend nothing short of $1,500.

Warranty; the less said the better

Lifetime cover for frame, 25 years cover for the motor and just 1 year for parts and labor is all that you can expect form this treadmill. With the company declaring a no confidence motion on the motor and parts you can expect early warranty calls followed by costlier parts replacements.

Heavier users had better keep away

Users weighing in at 300 pounds can't expect this treadmill to handle them as the motor is severely handicapped. This is OK for 150 pound users following an infrequent walking routine, nothing more.

Reliability is poor

With the company compromising on quality of parts, longevity suffers and the bad warranty means you are heading for higher maintenance costs in the long term. The company has a troubled customer service record so timely servicing will remain a utopian dream. Ultimately, you have to nurse this toddler lovingly.

Our verdict

The Proform Performance 400 C can, at best, be viewed as a cross trainer and you are better off using it as an entry level treadmill coupled with an elliptical to deliver more efficient calorie burn. For serious runners we say stay away from the Proform 400 and the 400 C.

If you need a cheap unit at a bargain price, this one is it but only will last if you are a walker and baby it.