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Proform Performance 300 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Think lipstick on a pig! A horrible example of what can be done and then masked with a great presentation.

Overall Quality

I wonder how the people who design this machine sleep at night! When you pull one of these apart, you will pull a Clara Peller and shout "WHERE'S THE BEEF!" This machine is so devoid of any parts that would remotely resemble quality that rather than calling this machine the Proform Performance 300, we have a suggestion. Why not call it the Proform You Have Been Screwed Out of $400 Treadmill. It would be more accurate and if you already own one of these, do yourself a favor and don't spend another dime repairing it.


Walking Area 4.8
Power 2.5
Cushioning 4.1
Reliability 2.9
Noise Level 2.3
Quality 1.7
Value 1.9
Warranty 1.8

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