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Proform Ergostride Elliptical Review

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How long will the Proform Ergostride last?

The longevity of any entry-level fitness equipment is tough to forecast. Ellipticals have lots of moving parts and couple that with a diminutive build and we see a short life span for this Proform. Icon, the manufacturer, must agree because they back the Ergostride with a very short warranty. Bottom line, if you are a heavier person or if you workout out multiple times a week then this is not the elliptical for you. We could really only see the Proform Ergostride for a light user on a serious budget.

Brief Overview

The Proform Ergostride is an entry-level rear-drive total-body elliptical. This elliptical has a small footprint and is lightweight. The Ergostride has limited features and is made lighter than its bigger cousins in the residential elliptical market. It is designed for very short individuals with limited space and a very limited budget. All entry-level ellipticals are a bit of a gamble but when you are at this price point are you better just throwing your money in a bonfire. But we do understand there is a need for cheaper ellipticals and the Ergostride is not all bad. So, we have awarded this elliptical our Third Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $399 and Under category.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the Proform Ergostride is about what you would expect at this price point. That is to say its poorly constructed using cheap metals and plastics. It does have a small footprint and should be relatively easy to dispose of when it undoubtedly falls apart. This elliptical has a very limited stride which is more suited for a child. And the undersized flywheel is more geared to a smaller older lady due to the lack of resistance.

But the Ergostride does have a few redeemable qualities. Namely, Proform included their usual higher-quality console and twenty built-in workouts. Among these bottom of the barrel ellipticals, a five-inch console is actually remarkable. The other good thing about these ellipticals is that they take up less floor space.

Things we like

  • Cheap
  • Small
  • Lightweight

Things we dislike

  • X
    Cheap Build
  • X
    Very Limited Stride
  • X
    Small Flywheel


Number of Programs 35
Drive System Rear
Adjustable Stride Length No
Flywheel Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Unit Demensions 25 x 60 x 63
Resistance Levels N/A
Heart Rate Sensors EKG Grips
Weight of Unit 132 lbs
Warranty N/A


This is the first year Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Proform Ergostride. We invite you to look into our many other elliptical reviews before you buy.


The Proform Ergostride is a beyond entry-level total body rear-drive elliptical made by Icon. And likely, you will have a hard time finding this elliptical straight from Proform as they seemed to have moved on recently. This elliptical has an underwhelming array of features and its short stride and undersized flywheel limit safe use with this elliptical. If you are a more serious user, maybe save up your money. But if you are on a budget and do not need much, then you might agree with us as the Proform Ergostride is our Third Place 2021 Best Buy winner for the $399 and Under category.

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