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Proform Crosswalk 397 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A very similar unit to the 395 Crosswalk with a higher price. That's really not a good thing!

Proform Crosswalk 397 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 3.12

This is a Crosswalker with workout arms that work on your upper body as you concentrate on walking. Not built to tolerate running.

The good, the bad and the problematic...

Extremely low powered motor

Definitely one of the lowest powered motors we have tested in the treadmill circuit. Won't guarantee speeds near 10 mph. Moderate walking may get you past a couple of miles, but don't attempt to run on this machine. The warranty lasts 5 years on the motor.

Walking surface won't accommodate bigger, taller users

A waking surface measuring just 18" x 50" is not the stuff designed to inspire even normal users. This is way below the standard size which has become the norm in good treadmills, but then this machine was never in the race to be labelled as a treadmill, we suppose.

A modest incline ratio of 10% and 16 simple workout apps leaves very little for the user's imagination.

Cushioning is poor

The cushioning system provides low protection against limb and back injuries and even walking comfort is given the short shrift. You won't find a less forgiving surface in this price range. Really poor value for money.

The $400 to $699 price range offers better choices

Seriously, you won't find treadmill quality in the sub $700 price category. The Proform 400 S is cheaper and a better option than this machine, but serious runners need to get bolder and cross the $1,500 mark in search for quality treadmills with better features.

Warranty is shocking

Warranty that offers 90 days cover for parts and labor with 5 years for the motor may leave legitimate users wondering what they are getting for their money. Even the cheaper Proform 400 S (Best Buy 2nd Runner Up) offers an improved warranty. Perhaps its Proform's way of writing the product's obituary before you do the final rites.

Heavier users will kill this machine

Any load over 150 pounds and you will hear the drive system growling nosily on its way to the cemetery.

Reliability is atrocious

Your first priority when you buy this machine will be to handle your routine carefully without overloading the motor because the longevity is atrocious. By overusing the machine you risk frequent breakdowns, paving the way for higher operating expenses.

Our verdict

If anyone falls for this machine's good looks they risk losing all their hard earned money. This is basically a rehash of the Proform Crosswalk 395 with a bigger price tag; you get the same features paying $100 extra which doesn't make sense. Poor quality and short life expectancy make this a really poor buy. The least we recommend is for users to save up enough to get some real action above the $1,000 price mark.

Another mistake just waiting to be bought. Don't help them and don't buy this treadmill unless you want your life to be like a bad country song.