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Proform Crosswalk 395 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

On the inside, this baby is so ugly, you should slap the mother. On the outside, it is a great looking little package.

Proform Crosswalk 395 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 3.24

This is a Crosswalker featuring workout arms that work on your upper body as you endeavor to improve muscle tone through walking. Not for runners.

The good, the bad and the ugly...

A mini motor to power home appliances perhaps, not a treadmill

At 2 HP, this is one of the lowest power generating motors in the treadmill circuit. If you run on this machine at 10 mph speeds you are guaranteeing an early funeral. Anything more strenuous than a casual walk will end up ruining the drive system. Proform has given the motor a pitiable 5 year warranty, which says a lot.

Disappointing walking surface suited to slow walking

The treadbelt measuring 18" x 50" is not designed for running. Users having a wider stance and taller folks will find it too compact for comfort and risk sliding off sideways.

Below average incline ratio of 10% and a bare minimum of 16 workout apps leave you wondering what it will accomplish in a daily routine. You need to spend much more to get a real treadmill.

Cushioning is pretty bad

The TreadSoft cushioning has nothing to provide decent protection for walking limbs, so be prepared for niggling aches and pains over long term use. As cheaper parts wear out faster, you will be left struggling with a pathetic 90 days parts and labor warranty. It's as if Proform is in a hell of a hurry to get this item off their back.

Low value for your money even in the $400 to $699 price range

For $30 extra the Proform Performance 400 S appears a better deal and it was the 2nd Runner Up in the Best Buy Awards. The golden lesson is that runners need to look beyond $1,500 for value and features.

The pathetic warranty says take a walk in the park

Parts and labor get mere 90 days coverage, while the motor is covered for 5 years, which makes this warranty more like a neon light saying handle at users' risk.

Heavier users can bid goodbye

Users weighing 150 pounds, not more, can use this treadmill safely, and they better handle it with kid gloves or the warranty will lay them low.

Reliability is low

If the glamorous good looks mislead you into thinking that you can enjoy this treadmill for life you are in for a disappointing journey that will be truncated sooner than you imagined. Longevity has been given the boot as parts quality is too low.

Our verdict

There is a saying that all that glitters is not gold. Well that would describe this treadmill (if you can call it that) perfectly. A low powered motor, a stingy walking surface, atrocious cushioning and a pathetic warranty make for a cheap product that belies every legitimate expectation of the normal user. We recommend you stay away from this model, unless someone gifted you $499 on your birthday and you don't know what to do with the money.

Once you look under the skin, you see how really ugly this treadmill is going to be long-term.