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Proform Carbon EX Elliptical Review

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How long will the Proform Carbon EX last?

The life span of all entry-level fitness equipment is difficult to forecast. A good place to start is with the manufacturer's warranty. In this price range, we do not have a problem with Icon’s warranty they give their Proform. This is not a commercial elliptical so the 2 year part warranty is not a problem for an elliptical that comes in under $1000. The best way to ensure a longer than average lifespan with an elliptical starts with a quality assembly. We can not stress that enough. Will this elliptical last you a lifetime, probably not, but could it? Well stranger things have happened and if your lucky, not too large and you take care of your stuff there is no reason not to think you will have this Carbon EX around and in good working order for several years.

Brief Overview

The Proform Carbon EX is a total body front-drive elliptical. This elliptical is by no means is commercial but has a better build than most of the residential ellipticals in its price range. The Carbon EX’s workout platform is going to be driven by Icon's fabled iFit, which is a subscription-based service. You will have all the workouts you can care to choose from as long as you pay for it. It should be noted that a monthly subscription to iFit is around $40 so this is something to consider. This is a fairly decent looking elliptical and has some things we like and of course some things we don't. So, we have ranked the Proform Carbon EX second in Treadmill Doctors 2021 Best Buy for ellipticals in the $700 to $999 price point.

Overall Quality

The Proform Carbon EX actually has a fairly decent build compared to other ellipticals in this price range. It is well constructed and you will notice this elliptical has some heft when getting it out of the box. It's honestly not a bad looking elliptical either. The high contrast console could be a bit larger but if it was we're sure this elliptical would be more expensive. The stride length when coupled with this Proform’s silent magnetic resistance (SMR) and decent sized flywheel should be smooth and challenging for most averaged sized users. The foot trays are oversized and cushioned and should be comfortable for most adult users. The power-adjustable ramp is made of decent quality for an elliptical in this price range. The moveable handles are comfortable and the oversized EKG heart rate grips are a nice plus as well. <br/> You will need internet, a stable WIFI connection, and $40 per month to access this Proform’s interactive iFit workouts. Otherwise, the exact loaded preprogrammed workouts are a bit up in the air from Icon on this model. We have heard 24 which would be great but we have heard less as well from Icon. If you just like to press go and control your own destiny then you shouldn’t have any problem with this aspect but it's definitely worth considering. The warranty, while on the short side is none the less on par or above par than most of the Proform Carbon EX's competition in this price range. We wish Icon, who owns Proform, was a little more forthcoming on the number of preloaded programs. This is unfortunately just business as usual for Icon, and that’s a reason why they were not the first place on Treadmill Doctors 2021 Best Buy List for Ellipticals.

Things we like

  • Nice Stride Length
  • Fair Flywheel Size
  • Comfortable Grips

Things we dislike

  • X
    Preprograms without IFit
  • X
    Customer Service


Number of Programs N/A
Drive Position Front
Flywheel weight 20 lbs
Weight Capacity 325 lbs
Unit Dimensions 70 x 24 x 64
Resistance Levels 20
Heart Rate Sensor EKG Grip Pulse Sensor
Weight of Unit 191 lbs
Warranty 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor


This is the first year Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Proform Carbon EX. Check out some of our other reviews to see how the Proform Carbon EX stacks up against the competition.


The Proform Carbon EX is an entry-level front-drive total-body elliptical. You can find it on sale from time to time which is a plus. This Proform is relatively pleasing to the eye elliptical. The Carbon EX has a decent stride length and a good-sized flywheel for ellipticals in this price range. The SMR (resistance) should be smooth for most slightly below average weight and height users. This Carbon EX has a nice elevation range as well. You will have all the workouts you care to choose from providing you have all that is need to get IFit to work. This Carbon EX is purported to have 24 programs preloaded but Icon has been waffling on this lately. So check with Icon before you buy this elliptical to verify the exact number of workout programs if your planning on running this Carbon EX without iFit. If you are an average-sized American this Proform should be a good fit. If you're on a budget there are certainly worse ellipticals you could buy than the Proform Carbon EX. That in a nutshell is why Treadmill Doctor awarded the Carbon EX second Place for Ellipticals in the $700-$999 price range on our 2021 Best Buy List.

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