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Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Proform Carbon T7 last?

Now the big question, is how long will this treadmill last? Well, there are lots of variables when it comes to a treadmill’s life span. First and foremost, like all things you purchase you have a role in maintaining your investment. You don’t leave your car running in your garage overnight and you hopefully change your oil. Much like a car a treadmill shouldn’t be left on and needs maintenance depending on its level of use. Now the warranty that Icon gives for this Proform is a bit short. If Icon doesn’t have faith in their parts for long, should you? Unfortunately, this is common with most treadmills in this price range, which can be a bit of a gamble. Most people never have to use their warranties but it’s always comforting to have one that lasts more than a couple of years. If you are above average height and weight the Proform Carbon T-7 will most likely not be the best experience. You are more likely to wear out this treadmill up at a faster rate than your smaller friends. Thus exposing.

Brief Overview

The Proform Carbon T-7 is ranked third place winner for Treadmill Doctors 2021 Best Buy list for treadmills in the $1300-$1400 price range. The Carbon T-7 is the little sister of the Carbon T-10 it just comes with smaller functioning parts. Knowing this we aren’t sure why Icon has this machine at such a high price. Therefore, we have placed this treadmill in third place.

Overall Quality

This Proform Carbon T-7 is built much like its bigger sister the Carbon T-10. It’s not the best-built treadmill, but it’s above average when compared to its competition. We like the fact that this treadmill when in stock, can be found from multiple sources which means you might be able to find it on sale. We have seen the number of built-in programs all over the place and are waiting for Icon to give a final answer. Be sure to ask your sales rep about that one. Its 7” touch screen is a little undersized compared to it’s bigger sister the Carbon T-10. If you purchase the Ifit 3-year family package the Carbon T-7 comes with it. We at the Treadmill Doctor have a few factors we don’t care for first is the short running distance, and that Icon chose to put their smaller drive motor in this treadmill. But with that said the motor should have enough power to propel an average adult jogger at a decent pace. With that understanding, if you’re a larger & taller individual and you are a runner, we aren’t confident as to how this treadmill would withstand that kind of ware. The folks at Icon have given this treadmill a relatively short warranty unfortunately this is somewhat standard for treadmills in this price range. We would like to see a longer parts warranty but that should give an insight as to how Icon regards the quality of this treadmills builds.

Things we like

  • Incline Range
  • Speed

Things we dislike

  • X
    Under Powered
  • X
    Over Priced
  • X
    Small Running Surface
  • X
    Customer Service


Number of Programs 3 Years IFit &20 preprogrammed
Heart Rate Sensor & Type EKG
Horsepower 2.75 HP
Speed Range 12 MPH
Incline/Decline Range 12%
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Belt Size 20"x55"
Folds Yes
Unit Weight 222 LBS
Warranty 10 Year Frame, 2 years parts, and 1 year Labor


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At its core, the Carbon T-7 is not a bad treadmill, but it's not greatest either for a larger and/or taller individual. We at Treadmill Doctor wish that the warranty was a bit better. With a little luck and a little maintenance and if you’re on the smaller in size the Carbon T-7 may be a fit for you.

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