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Proform Carbon T10 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Proform Carbon T10 last?

Now can this Proform Carbon T-10 get you a lifetime of use? That really depends on how old you are now. The folks at Icon give this Proform a bit of a short parts warranty and don’t have a lifetime motor or frame warranty included with this treadmill. We at Treadmill Doctor are disappointed with their decision. Motors are expensive as are touch screens and feel that the manufacturer could have at least doubled their parts warranty. All this being said the Carbon T-10 comes with a good motor that should power most joggers for several years without incident. If you’re a large or tall individual who is a serious runner you may need to look for a larger legitimate light commercial treadmill or spend a couple of hundred bucks more and get the upgrade Proform Treadmill. As with any treadmill at this price point, it's a bit of a gamble to know how long your treadmill is going to last. The best way to get the maximum life out of this treadmill is to maintain it.

Brief Overview

The Proform Carbon T-10 is our second-place winner for the 2021 Best Buy Winner for the $1300 to $1499 price point. This foldable Proform is one of the most expensive treadmill that Icon makes for this brand. The high price may be due to some of the iFit programs that come with this treadmill, and the large screen. However, Icon fell short on other offerings for this machine.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the Proform Carbon T-10 is about what you’d expect from an entry-level treadmill that's been made over with a fresh face. The 10-inch touchscreen is about the only difference in quality that distinguishes this treadmill from its cheaper cousins. Now we aren’t saying that Proform is guilty of trying to put lipstick on a pig but there are too many similarities for us to ignore. We at Treadmill Doctor like the fact that you get a 10” touchscreen with this 7” touch screen that Proform offers on their less expensive models treadmill but that can be both good and bad when coupled with a short parts warranty. We do like the fact that the folks at Proform have included a 3yr Family Plan of Ifit with this treadmill. We are still trying to figure if this treadmill will have programs or if this will be solely driven with Ifit with 1 manual program. Everything else is pretty much business as usual with this Proform Carbon. It's not a bad treadmill but it's not a great treadmill either. We really wish Icon had given this treadmill a larger running surface but are pleased they placed their more powerful motor in this treadmill. There are some things we like and others we don’t but that’s typical of any treadmill in this price range.

Things we like

  • 3 year IFit Family Plan
  • 10" Touch Screen
  • Decent Horsepower

Things we dislike

  • X
    Short Running Surface
  • X
    Short Parts Warranty
  • X
    Pricey Treadmill
  • X
    Number of Programs


Number of Programs 1 year of IFit and 20 preprogrammed
Heart Rate Sensor & type EKG
Horsepower 3.0 HP
Speed Range 12 MPH
Incline/Decline Range 12%
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Belt Size 20"x55"
Folds yes
Weight of Unit 208 LBS
Warranty 10 year Frame, 2 years parts, and 1 year Labor


This is the first time The Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Proform Carbon T-10. Please see our Proform reviews as well as other treadmill reviews to aid you in your search for your next machine.


In conclusion, this Proform Carbon T-10 is not the worst treadmill. It's got a decent motor, a decent incline range, and will have all the workouts you can imagine for 3 years. The Proform Carbon T-10 is best suited for a slightly below average adult jogger or walker. It just falls into space where an entry-level treadmill meets a higher level of technology and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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