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Proform 965 CT Smart Treadmill Review

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How long will the Proform 965 CT Smart last?

Even though the 965 CT Smart is our 2020 Best Buy for the $400 to $699 dollar category, we would not recommend this machine if you are a serious user. To put it simply, there is a reason why the price tag is not very high. If you decide to run on this treadmill even three days every week, then you may only get a few years (more than likely less) before you have to fix your machine. The question then lies, would it not be easier to spend a little more on a better machine? But, if you do decide on the 965 CT Smart, then we would only recommend using it for moderate walking on a regular basis.

Brief Overview

While we still do not love the idea of a moderate or serious exerciser purchasing a cheap treadmill, there is sometimes a place for a budget friendly machine. So, if your price range is between $400 and $699, then we recommend our 2020 Best Buy Winner for this price range, the Proform 965 CT Smart! While this model does not have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive machine, the 965 CT Smart’s build is decent enough that it should be able to support a casual walker for a few years with a few added perks.

Overall Quality

Let’s start by discussing the features that do not help the treadmill’s overall structure but help to round out the value by adding fun perks to improve your workout. First, the Proform 965 CT Smart, comes with ten incline levels and ten speed settings much like other treadmills under $700 dollars. You will also see Proform advertising things like “EKG Dual Cardio Grips” and “SpaceSaver Design.” These are merely marketing tools that come with nearly all treadmills under $1,000 dollars. Cardio Grips simply mean that the Proform 965 CT Smart has heart rate detectors on the handles and the SpaceSaver simply means that this treadmill folds. Unfortunately, the retailers that still sell the Proform 965 CT Smart do not seem agree on the exact number of built-in programs. But, given Proform’s usual programming numbers, we imagine that this model has anywhere from 18-20 preset workouts. With that said, one thing that makes the 965 CT Smart stand out is the inclusion of a one-year free iFit membership. Unlike other treadmills, this particular model has an added value of about $360 (may vary depending on membership fees) dollars with the inclusion of the iFit membership.

As for the features that do have to do with the make up of the 965 CT Smart, this treadmill has a decent build and warranty. Unlike other treadmills in this price range, the 965 CT Smart has a pretty sturdy build. While it does not stand out amongst our other top for treadmills for this price, you won’t see a much stronger machine for this price. And the warranty also seems to correspond with the above average build because it is a better warranty for this price.

But, of course, there are the bad aspects to look at. While we like that Proform included the one-year iFit, it only lasts for a year. So, when that year runs up, your 965 CT Smart instantly decreases in value. Additionally, the reason why the iFit programming is so popular is the ability to have multiple workout trainers working out alongside you. But the 965 CT Smart does not have a built in HD-touchscreen like many of the more expensive Proform treadmills. So, unless you have a tablet to hook onto this treadmill, you really cannot reap all of the benefits of the iFit membership.

Things we like

  • Incline and Speed Levels
  • Sturdy Build
  • Good Walking Area
  • Good Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
    iFit Technology


Pre-Programmed Workouts N/A
Horsepower 2.6
Speed Range 10
Incline/Decline 10
Weight Capacity 300
Walking Area 20 x 55
Folding Yes
Unit Weight N/A
Warranty N/A


This is the first year that we have been able to review the Proform 965 CT Smart treadmill.


Our 2020 Best Buy Winner for the $400 to $699 dollar category is likely to give you more bang for your buck if this price range fits your budget. Though we recommend a better quality machine for a little more money, the 965 CT Smart comes with above average features, build, and warranty. Accordingly, we would recommend this treadmill for a light to moderate walker who is on a budget.