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Proform 925 CT Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Strong machine for the price range but if we were interested in this machine, the same factory makes the NordicTrack models in this price range.

Proform 925 CT Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.22

Bragging rights...

Great motor for this price range

A powerful large frame 3 HP motor gels effectively with the drive system delivering a consistently smooth treadmilling experience. Users will find it capable of revving up speeds of 12 mph creating a relatively noise free ambiance without much strain.

An excellent belt that gels effectively with the motor

With a belt size of 20" x 60" walking and mild jogging becomes a pleasure as there is ample room to accommodate all user sizes and styles.

Superior cushioning adds value at this price point

The ProStride Cushioning presents a forgiving surface that absorbs the impact of any exercise routine pretty well for this price range. In fact you could find this surface making its way into some higher priced treadmills so it seems a good investment.

Enough variation in exercise routine to interest walkers

The value added cushioning, incline variations reaching 15%, and 20 workout apps will keep runners engaged in decently challenging fitness routines that won't disappoint.

The drawbacks...

Serious runners need better quality components and more features

Extreme runners are unlikely to find machines that can tolerate heavy fitness routines within the sub $1,000 price band. The main reason is cheaper parts that wear out quicker if runners press the accelerator. For $300 extra the Proform Performance 900 would be a better option for a frequent runner, though we would prefer serious runners to cross the $1,500 price point.

Warranty disappoints but you can't expect the world at $999.

Warranty is average at 1 year labor, 3 year parts, and lifetime for frame and motor, but it is difficult to expect anything superior at the sub $1,000 price point because manufacturers have already cut corners to deliver the machine, leaving very few resources to follow up servicing requirements. Look at the Proform Power 1080i and see the difference that $300 makes in boosting warranties.

Electronics can become problematic in the long term

This problem plagues low-end models and the poor customer service record of Icon doesn't make things easier for the user down the line.

Our verdict

In the $700 to $999 price band you automatically tone down your expectations as companies adopt cheaper parts to economize price tags, but in the case of the Proform Power 925 CT the level of quality and the value attached to the machine is pretty high, making this a solid investment for energetic walkers.

Solid machine and a solid value at this price point. Unfortunately, you get this factory's spotty customer service.