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Proform 425 CT Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

A horrible little machine with a big walking belt. That is one of the worst combinations that we have seen in years.

Overall Quality

Poor quality along with poor customer service make for an experience that will curl your hair. I suppose that is an added bonus for buying this Proform. Not only will it curl your hair but it will also upset your stomach, raise your blood pressure, and make you wish that you catch a fatal disease so you can avoid the pain associated with being an owner of such an awful treadmill. If you want to avoid the drama, simply don't buy this machine. If you own it, burn it!


Walking Area 7.1
Power 1.8
Cushioning 4.2
Reliability 3.6
Noise Level 3.7
Quality 2.4
Value 2.5
Warranty 3.5

Customer Reviews

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Vicki - Proform 425 TreadmillDec 05, 2019

We have owned the Proform 425 treadmill for almost 10 years using it semi-regularly (not especially dedicated to exercise lol)... We find this treadmill comfortable to use and folds neatly for storage. You can easily track your heart rate, time and distance.