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Proform 400 GL Treadmill Review - $649.00

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  • Brief Overview

    Why would you buy this for $700 when you can get one at Sam's or Costco made by the same company that is twice as good a treadmill? The Reebok model this factory makes that sells for $700 at Sam's simply whips this treadmills butt.
  • Overall Quality

    On this $700 machine, they only give you a 5 year motor warranty. Let's face facts, if they had a person that believed in any part of this machine, they would have been quickly fired. A nice marketing game but when the rubber hits the road, you need to get another machine if you like this brand.
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 4.2
    Power 4.2
    Cushioning 4.9
    Reliability 4.2
    Noise Level 5.1
    Quality 4.6
    Value 5.5
    Warranty 2.1

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