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Proform 400 GL Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Why would you buy this for $700 when you can get one at Sam's or Costco made by the same company that is twice as good a treadmill? The Reebok model this factory makes that sells for $700 at Sam's simply whips this treadmills butt.

Overall Quality

On this $700 machine, they only give you a 5 year motor warranty. Let's face facts, if they had a person that believed in any part of this machine, they would have been quickly fired. A nice marketing game but when the rubber hits the road, you need to get another machine if you like this brand.


Walking Area 4.2
Power 4.2
Cushioning 4.9
Reliability 4.2
Noise Level 5.1
Quality 4.6
Value 5.5
Warranty 2.1