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Proform 225 CSX Upright Bike Review

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How long will the Proform 225 CSX Upright last?

The Proform 225 CSX Upright is offered by quite a few of the lower market retailers such as Walmart and cannot be expected to last quite as long as its well-known, higher-priced family members. While the warranty shows Proform still offers quality even at a discounted price, you will not see this bike showcased on their website.

Brief Overview

The Proform 225 CSX stands out among its competitors by offering not only the Proform name (name brands mean a lot to some people) but their lower-priced bike warranty along with the ever-present iFit capabilities. This bike is well-equipped to enhance most levels of workout and offers you the will to not only meet, but rise above and beyond your fitness goals.

Overall Quality

The Proform 225 CSX offers cutting age technology due to the IFit membership offering. You can work with top trainers, embark on global workouts personalized to your personal fitness level, while turning your living room into a world-class studio. Proform has also upped their weight capacity for this lower-priced bike – a whopping 275 lbs. in comparison to its 250 lb. weight capacity colleagues. The well-cushioned seat offers a comfortable ride during the 20 different preset workout apps and test your endurance on many levels. A trademarked StepThru frame allows for greater ease in mounting and dismounting while the adjustable pedal straps secure your feet for safe jaunting to your desired goal. The freewheeling clutch supports a grand imitation of the outside cycling experience while built in heart rate sensors monitor you during your workout so you do not arbitrarily pass out.

Things we like

  • 275 weight capacity
  • warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
    non-adjustable handlebars
  • X
    no toe cages


Color Black
Material Steel
Size One Size
Console Display LED Display
Resistance Level 20
Resistance System LED Display
Workout 20 Program
Seat Adjustable Seat, Cushioned
Pedal Slide-Resistant Pedals
Heart Rate Measurement Hand Grip Sensors
Max. User Capacity 125 kg (275 lbs)
Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)
Dimensions 43" x 23" x 61"




Proform 225 CSX has now joined the Treadmill Doctor Reviews for the first time. We invite you to see our many other bike reviews to help you narrow your search for your next fitness machine.


At this price level you could not make a better choice than the 225 CSX. A quick Google search will show you the best price for your money as it is carried by quite a few retailers. The additional 25 lb. weight capacity might help the appeal of this fitness machine along with the various offerings of either free delivery or setup depending on which retailer is chosen for purchase. Keep in mind, if you want to experience every feature of this bike you have to pay the monthly membership fee for iFit. This bike offers quite a few handy features at a reasonable price, so you can get your daily workout without breaking the bank!