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Proform 19.0 RE Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Proform 19.0 RE is an exceptional design that gives you good quality. Our 2nd Runner Up Award winner for 2014.

Overall Quality

<strong>Proform 19.0 RE Review</strong> The Proform 19.0 RE comes up a bit short behind the Sole E25. It is one of those decent quality ellipticals but with very POOR customer service. Claiming our Best Buy 2014 2<sup>nd</sup> Runner Up, this machine also sports a solid quality construction from Icon. <strong><em>Why we can compare this to the Sole E25...</em></strong> <strong>Stride length</strong> Why we say that this machine falls a bit behind the E25, it is because of its stride length. Although it is adjustable, it only maxes at 18" to 20". Falling a little too short to Sole's, this machine is still worth the $1000 that you have paid. It gives the opportunity to stretch out and mix up each workout. <strong>Excellent design</strong> The design of the 19.0 RE is excellent. You shouldn't have any problem with its very stable and durable frame. It doesn't feel weak or flimsy like those you can find on cheaper machines. Coupled with this is the over sized pedals. It has great cushioning effect so to reduce impact on your knees when using the machine. Compared to the Sole E25, this one has more stability. <strong>Workout programs and resistance</strong> If you can't be worked up with 28 awesome programs, then you must be some kind of an alien or you entire universe of ice cream choice stops at vanilla. On top of this is the 23 differing resistance levels that adjust each workout program. To make it more effective, it has an awesome adjustment setting of inclines between 10 and 30 degrees. <strong><em>Where it demurs to the Sole E25</em></strong> <strong>Skimpy warranty</strong> Even though Proform provides a 3-year warranty on the parts and lifetime coverage on the frame on top of it, the labor coverage is only 1 year, which comes up short. <strong>Poor customer service</strong> The 19.0 RE is caught up in the never ending web of customer service issues. Considering the money you are spending, the spotty service might have you ruing the fact that you spent a thousand bucks only to get a frustrating customer service. <strong>The iFit thingy</strong> Even though it has iFit compatibility, you are indulged to pay more of your hard-earned bucks (iFit subscription per month) if you want to really enjoy the iFit portion. Why not offer a 1 year free subscription of iFit to one of their products. Even a 3-month free subscription would be much appreciated. <strong><em>Comparable to Sole E25: </em></strong> The Proform 19.0 RE is similar to the Sole E25 quality wise. Again, if you want to spend a couple bucks more for a better machine, then choose the Nordic Track A.C.T. Commercial, our Best Buy Winner 2014 in the $999 category.


Adjustability 5
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 5
Warranty 4
Quality 5
Ergonomics 6

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