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Proform 1210 RT Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Seen this one at Costco for $799. One of the best $799 machines we have ever seen. Big motor and low price equal a great deal.

Proform 1210 RT Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.44

Votes in favor of the treadmill...

A powerful motor, given the sub $1,000 pricing

Getting a 3.25 HP motor nearing the $1,000 price point is a real bonus. This is a big motor that powers the treadbelt efficiently. You get a superb motor-drive combination that provides a smooth running experience in a much noise reduced ambiance. Excellent value for your dollar. The motor has lifetime warranty coverage.

Very satisfying running surface

A spacious 20" x 60" treadbelt adds confidence to running and gives you the space to accommodate a wider stance and lengthier running stride without knocking the console. The deck inline maxes at 15% and 30 workout apps make your daily routine more interesting. Great incentives for runners.

Cushioning can't be faulted at this price

Proform claims a 28% boost in running comfort with this cushioning. Definitely adds comfort to running, with the assurance that your knees and ankles are getting decent impact protection. The cushioning is very good for this category, and it doesn't get any better in the $700 to $999 price range.

Good value for money at the $1,000 price point

When you are in the sub $1,000 category companies are known to compromise on parts quality to keep prices in line. But Proform has managed the feat of ensuring reasonable quality while keeping the price affordable. This is a neat package spoiled only by a tepid warranty but they had to cut corners somewhere.

Points to ponder...

Not ideal for serious runners and professional trainers

Serious running and extreme workouts require more stability in structural dynamics, and better cushioning supported by high quality drive parts - parameters that are unrealistic to expect in the sub $1,000 treadmills.

The warranty is ordinary

Lifetime frame and motor, and 1 year parts and labor is all that you get with this treadmill. Proform is doing this with most of their low end offerings. You have to move beyond $1,000 to squeeze better warranties out of Proform. And, we are not commenting on their spotty customer service.

This jet requires landing space

With dimensions of 71.5" L x 37.75" W x 79.5" H you will need lots of space to park this jet, even when it's folded. Remember this before bringing the treadmill into smaller homes.

The final diagnosis...

A powerful motor, excellent running surface, reliable cushioning and an iFit (iFit subscription is extra) ready console complimented by 30 workout apps makes for a satisfying package for the regular runner. If budget is a constraining factor this is a feature packed reasonable quality model that should drive your fitness dreams at a comfortable pace. The monumental downside is poor warranty and pathetic servicing.

Although you get Icon's customer service, with the Costco guarantee, you can quickly return it if you get the service runaround.