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Proform 1200 E Elliptical Review - $1,099.00

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  • Brief Overview

    The Proform 1200 E is an old tank of a design that still has decent quality. Good enough for the 3rd Runner Up Award for our 2014 Best Buys.
  • Overall Quality

    Proform 1200 E Review The Proform 1200 E is our Best Buy 2014 3rd Runner Up in the $1299 category. This elliptical has a relatively old design and is kind of bulky and heavy, but still offers decent quality and support. Why we say it's still a good buy An environment-friendly and energy-saving machine Although it's a bit large and clunky, this trainer is one of those few environment-friendly machines. It comes with a distinct design of generating power from your stride using an internal mechanism, hence, saving electric energy and your money. This feature is really good since you can save energy, help the environment, and save money at the same time. If you are eco-friendly type of person, the Proform 1200 E might be your best choice. It comes with a pretty decent warranty The Proform 1200 E comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 2 years on its parts and labor. We consider this warranty as an advantage for users. Considering the 1200 E's old design, it'll could be expensive to repair. This might seem average for this price range but for the Proform 1200 E, it is good warranty coverage. Why the 1200 E still remains as an old tank No incline and stride adjustment We don't know why Proform is still able to sell this trainer while lacking these features, but considering its price ($1099), having no incline and stride adjustment (fixed at 20 inches) is pretty ridiculous. Last year, this trainer is sold at $1299, now it is at $1099 so at least Proform is compensating for the dated design. Outdated piece of steel At $1099, this trainer is a bit outdated. It doesn't offer many features that the latest trainers have. It's large, clunky, and definitely not for home use. If you want a space-saver trainer, forget about the Proform 1200 E. You might as well consider buying the NordicTrack ACT Commercial (our Best Buy 2014 Winner in the $999 category) which is a hundred bucks cheaper but offers more features and definitely has a newer design, or, if you want a better and more decent trainer, you can also spend a hundred bucks more for the Sole E 35. No heart-rate workout This feature might be unnecessary for some, but for most meticulous exercisers, this is a major downside. Although it has several great on board workouts to choose from (interval, weight loss, preset, etc.), it is missing the programs designed for users to reach their target heart rates. Although this feature is useless for some, it can be extremely helpful for those who want to improve their overall cardiovascular fitness. The final word: Although it has the environment-friendly, energy-saving feature, it doesn't attract much because of its tanky nature. Well, if Proform can cut off as much as $200 from its price, we will definitely recommend this machine.
  • Ratings

    Adjustability 2
    Reliability 5
    Noise Level 4
    Value 5
    Warranty 6
    Quality 5
    Ergonomics 5

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