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Precor ERX 222 Elliptical Review

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How long will the Precor ERX 222 last?

We at Treadmill Doctor feel that the Precor EFX 222 has got a good number of years of moderate residential use. On top of that Precor gives you a good warranty. And Precor gives you a good warranty, so they do also. We would like to see the Console have a bit longer warranty but we can't recall the last time we have had to replace one. When you're buying a Precor it is not like buying an elliptical from a big box store. Precor prides itself on customer service and repeat customers. So you know when you buy one, they will not leave you holding the bag if something goes wrong. You can’t say the same about some of their competition in this price range. You also will have a relationship with a Precor certified technician who installs this EFX. So you know your investment will be professionally assembled. In conclusion, we feel as long as your Precor is handled by a certified Precor Technician you should have many quality years of use from this EFX 222.

Brief Overview

The Precor EFX 222 is a residential total body rear-drive elliptical. The term EFX means Precor deems this machine an elliptical fitness cross trainer, which is a fancy way of saying that it's a total body elliptical with an inclining cross ramp that allows the user to exercise the total body. Precor is one of the best manufactures of fitness equipment in the world. And even though this EFX is not the top of the line in the Precor family it none the less is built with Precor quality. Although this Precor is a bit on the expensive side and doesn't have the same interactive gimmicks as some of its competition the Precor EFX 222 landed in fourth place on our 2021 Best Buy List for ellipticals in the $2000-$2999.

Overall Quality

The action of the Precor is smooth, to say the least, its magnetic resistance is near flawless for most users, as is the cross ramps elevation rises and falls. The EFX 222 has a build that is reminiscent of its larger commercial cousins. The movable grips are well constructed and the contact heart rate grips are comfortable to hold onto while isolating the lower body. This EFX has a basic console which is easy to operate and fairly bulletproof. You couple the excellent warranty, for its class, with Precor’s customer service and you will understand why we think so highly of this Precor EFX 222. <br/> One thing we have a bit of an issue with is Precor can take a while to get your elliptical to you. We sometimes wonder if they ship their fitness equipment by boat thru the Panama Canal to the eastern side of the country. Precor is proud of their fitness equipment as well, so you are going to have to spend a little extra money to own one. In a world of Interactive fitness, some users will find the limited number of programs a bit disappointing but that is subjective. And while this EFX is not as large as a commercial Precor, the stride and resistance should be ample for most users. This is providing you are not a super tall or heavy person. The last issue we have with this Precor is the manual incline. While easy to use for most individuals it is still a bit awkward. The Precor EFX 225 gives you the automated elevation for several hundred more dollars but we wish the EFX 222 had this feature at this price point. As with most purchases, the consumer always wants to know how long we think a particular machine will last.

Things we like

  • Smooth
  • Good Warranty
  • Customer Service

Things we dislike

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    Long time to ship
  • X
    Limited Programs
  • X
  • X
    Manual Incline


Number of Programs 10
Drive Position Rear
Flywheel Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Unit Dimensions 75 x 29 x65
Resistance Levels 16/ Magnetic
Heart Rate Sensor N/A
Weight of Unit 193 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 5 years Parts, 1 year Labor, & 3 years Console


This is the first year we have reviewed the Precor EFX 222. See how the pros at Treadmill Doctor think this EFX stacks up against its competition.


Precor makes quality fitness equipment. Whether it is in the residential or commercial arena you are buying quality. And with this quality comes a stiffer price. Sometimes you get what you pay for and with Precor, you usually won’t be disappointed. The EFX 222 has a smooth stride for a relatively compact total-body elliptical. Elevating the ramp is nearly flawless but none the less has to be manually done. And the console while simple is easy to use. While this elliptical is going to be a bit on the lighter side for tall and heavy individuals it will nonetheless accommodate most average individuals. This Precor doesn’t have a ton of programs but has enough coupled with its magnetic resistance to give most users all the workout they will need. You couple the good warranty with Precor’s excellent customer service and you will know why we awarded the EFX 222 fourth place in our 2021 Best Buy List.