Precor EFX 885 with 15" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen Elliptical Review

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How long will the Precor EFX 885 with 15" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen last?

The steel and weld manufacturing of the EFX 885 has produced a beast of a machine. It has a massive 340 lb. fully assembled weight that has been fully tested to allow users up to 350 lbs. max to safely enjoy heavy training sessions. Moreover, the EFX 885 is covered with both commercial and residential warranties, proving it is a wise investment for all. This stellar elliptical is designed to last through years of use by multiple operators and will readily fit into any fitness environment.

Brief Overview

The Precor EFX 885 with 15" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen is our Second Place Best Buy Winner in the $7,000 and UP price range. The EFX 885 is a previous Best Buy Winner and continues to provide proof that Precor is invested in producing quality machines for both commercial and residential consumers. Precor is a premium manufacturer on a global scale and has been for over 40 years. Moreover, the EFX 885 is produced here in the states making it a great investment for those looking to purchase local and support the USA.

Overall Quality

Commonly found in 5-star hotels and high-class commercial facilities, the EFX 885 is a superior testament to the lasting power and rugged build of a Precor elliptical. It has patented CrossRamp® technology allowing consumers to target alternative muscle sets depending on the degree chosen as well as 20 resistance levels to kick up the intensity each training session. Moreover, users of all heights move smoothly on the 21” to 25” stride with the oversized pedals converging their footsteps to mimic natural movements for a more comfortable trek to fitness glory. Even the handlebars are ergonomically placed to keep consumers postured perfectly during exercise periods.
The Precor EFX 885 comes with the P82 console choice featuring a 15" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen. It displays more than a few informative points of performance data plus connects to the Preva® network for more training opportunities and streaming entertainment options. Apple watch devotees can also choose the optional retrofit kit that allows users to pair up with their favorite wrist bands for fitness tracking. Further conveniences include quick touch keys, a water bottle holder, and the ability to pause training for a total of 120 seconds.

Things we like

  • CrossRamp ® technology
  • Preva® network capable
  • Adjustable stride

Things we dislike

  • X
    Not budget-friendly


Assembled Dimensions 80” L x 30” W x 67” H
Unit Weight 340 lbs.
Maximum Weight 350 lbs.
Incline 10-to-35-degree ramp
Resistance 20 levels
Console P82
Stride 21” to 25”


The Precor EFX 885 was our 2022 1st place Best Buy Award Winner and our 2020 4th Place Winner in the $4,000 and UP price range. We invite you to see our elliptical reviews to help you narrow your search for your next fitness machine.


The EFX 885 with 15" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen is the top-of-the-line choice in the 800 series offered by Precor. It is a wise investment for commercial and residential consumers and comes covered in a myriad of warranties for both – very generous in this day and age of disposable goods. The EFX 885 contains patented technology that works in tandem with the quality components providing smooth operations with additional entertainment and workout options each and every time.