Precor EFX 635 with Advanced LED Display Elliptical Review

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How long will the Precor EFX 635 with Advanced LED Display last?

Precor has manufactured the EFX 635 from premium steel and covered it with both commercial and residential warranties proving their confidence in the lasting power of this elliptical. It is robust in build with a fully assembled weight of over 300 lbs. and holding up to 350 lbs. of moving workout mass. Multi-user environments are perfect for the EFX 635 to showcase the lasting ability of this machine.

Brief Overview

The Precor EFX 635 with Advanced LED Display is our First Place Best Buy Winner in the $5,000 to $6,999 price range. It is the perfect choice for any fitness environment and holds many quality components designed to empower consumers to support and reach their fitness goals. Precor has commercial coverage on the EFX 635 for 7 years on the frame and welds while residential consumers see a lifetime coverage on the same. With over 40 years of providing superior fitness equipment to many different countries, Precor has solidified their line with EFX 600 series and all other elliptical model offerings.

Overall Quality

The Precor EFX 635 is the basic model of the 600 series and has a stalwart frame meant to last through many years of training sessions. The rear drive system contains a perfectly formatted hybrid generator for smooth transitions between 20 levels of resistance and offers high operational performance. The EFX 635 showcases a 10-to-35-degree adjustable CrossRamp® which targets alternative muscle groups depending on the height at the time of exercise. Pedals on the EFX 635 are designed close together for a more natural feel when moving as well as being oversized for comfort when engaging in trekking fun.
The Precor EFX 635 includes an advanced LED display that contains 15 built-in programs and conveys multiple points of performance data surrounded by a retro console. This console also has asset management for easy tracking of maintenance schedules for commercial facilities tracking purposes. Quick change buttons as well as channel and volume controls are withing easy reach and consumers get to choose between nine different languages for communication during workout sessions.

Things we like

  • Generous residential lifetime frame warranty
  • 10-to-35-degree incline

Things we dislike

  • X
    Too costly


Assembled Dimensions 80” L x 30” W x 72” H
Unit Weight 315 lbs.
Maximum Weight 350 lbs.
Incline 10-to-35-degree ramp
Resistance 20 levels
Console Advanced LED - P31
Wireless Receiver optional


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The Precor EFX 635 with Advanced LED Display is a solid investment for any residential or commercial facility. It carries multiple warranties backed by a well-renowned fitness company that has been successfully manufacturing exercise equipment for decades. Keep in mind that the EFX 635 is the basic model and those with higher budgetary means can look for additional options and features on the 665 or 685 ellipticals.