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Precor EFX 427 Elliptical Review

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How long will the Precor EFX 427 last?

One of the best aspects of the EFX 427 is that you can count on this model’s durability. Precor has built their reputation on quality design and durable machines. The EFX 427 has Precor’s esteemed commercial-grade frame. Thus, any type of user will likely see many, many years out of the EFX 427. Please just keep in mind that this elliptical is quite the investment. In order to receive the most bang for your buck, you should be sure to learn how to properly maintain your elliptical. Creating an ideal environment for your elliptical will help extend its life drastically.

Brief Overview

We have praised Precor for their ability to make their commercial-grade frame accessible for the home. Still, we have a hard time justifying their price jumps. The EFX 427 is the same elliptical as Precor’s EFX 423 with a slightly different arm structure. While this feature is different, we do not believe it is worth the extra money. Accordingly, we have placed the EFX 427 in the Second Place Slot among our $4,000 and Up 2021 Best Buys.

Overall Quality

You know when you get on the elliptical and those pesky arms wave back and forth. Sometimes you do not want to hold on to them. Don’t you wish you could fold them down, so they are out of your way? Well for only one thousand dollars more, you can do just that! Yes, that’s right, Precor has taken their EFX 423 and given it foldable arms. Then, they fell on their head and decided to make this additional feature a-thousand-dollar value. Though we appreciate Precor’s innovation, we simply do not see foldable arms as a thousand-dollar value.

Fortunately, this is our only main concern. We are very pleased with Precor’s commercial-grade frame that offers outstanding durability. Additionally, we have grown to appreciate Precor’s unique cross-ramp design. The cross-ramp system not only allows incline capability, but it also changes the shape of the stride which then allows the EFX 427 to act as both a stepper and an elliptical. Top all of this off with Precor’s valuable warranty and coveted reputation and you have a durable elliptical with superior quality.

A word to the wise. We often find ourselves trying to justify the high price tag that comes with the Precor. While we understand the amount of quality that the Precor name offers, you may not know what the big deal is. If you do not live close to a Precor outlet, we recommend calling some of your local Hampton Inns and Hilton Garden Inns. Precor is very prominent in the commercial sector and a nicer hotel just may have a Precor elliptical that you can try out. Being able to feel the Precor quality may be a good idea before you shell out five grand.

Things we like

  • Different Design
  • Commercial-Grade Frame
  • Good Company

Things we dislike

  • X
    Price is Not Justified


Number of Programs 1
Front Drive, Center Drive or Rear Drive N/A
Adjustable Stride Length N/A
Flywheel Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Step Up Height N/A
Unit Dimension 84" x 31" x 67"
Resistance Levels 20
Heart Rate Sensors Contact Heart Rate Monitoring
Weight of Unit 240 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 10 or 5 year parts, 3 Year Console, 1-Year Labor Warranty


In our past reviews, we have said that the EFX 427 is a top of the line elliptical for home use. We have commended Precor’s great refinement in their features and their high level of quality. We have said that the combination of quality and features make the EFX 427 a great value for the money. The EFX 427 won the Runner-Up Slot among our $4,000 and Up 2019 Best Buys.


We have decided to place the EFX 427 in the Runner-Up slot among our $4,000 dollar and Up 2021 Best Buys. While we have a great appreciation for Precor's superior quality, we simply do not find the foldable arms to be worth an extra thousand dollars. With this, we would recommend another Precor model that is a little cheaper. But, if you like the foldable arms, then you can rest assure that the EFX 427 is up to Precor's typical level of standard.

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