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Precor EFX 225 Elliptical Review

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How long will the Precor EFX 225 last?

Precor gives you one of the best warranties for ellipticals in the $3000-$3999 price range. They have faith in their product and that is not always a standard for ellipticals in this price range. When you buy a Precor it is not like you're dealing with a big box store or some foreign entity. You are buying from an American manufacturer who wants to sell you a quality machine. So the customer service department will definitely take care of you. You will and should be dealing with a Certified Precor Technician for your installation and assembly. And honestly, the proper assembly is a big deal that will help get you off on the right foot. The Precor build is quite substantial for a residential elliptical. They use durable materials that really do not break unless there is some serious abuse or there was an improper build. And since this elliptical is not like some of its tech-savvy rivals, it has less stuff to break. This being said, we forecast a good long future of use with the Precor EFX 225.

Brief Overview

The Precor EFX 225 is a residential total body rear-drive elliptical. This elliptical is very similar to its slightly less advanced sibling the EFX 222. The 225 features an elevation motor that allows you to raise and lower the cross ramp with the push of a button whereas the slightly more affordable EFX has to be done manually. Like all things Precor you are paying in part for the name and in part for the fact that Precor is a top manufacturer of high-end commercial and residential fitness equipment alike. This elliptical while not breaking any technological barriers is more designed for function not for streaming movies or fitness apps. This is a very smooth operating elliptical that provides most users with enough resistance and elevation choices to get a great workout. Couple Precor’s customer service and good warranty and you will understand why the EFX 225 made 4th place in our 2021 Best Buy List for ellipticals in the $3000 to $3999.

Overall Quality

Like all Precor fitness equipment, the EFX 225 is a well-built machine. The stride on this EFX is smooth and doesn’t have a jerky motion like some of its competition in its price range. The magnetic resistance is smooth when under load from most average to slightly above average individuals. The motorized cross ramp seamlessly rises and lowers at the push of a button. The console while not breaking any technological barriers is nonetheless quite comfortable to use. The moveable handles aresimilarly constructed to Precor's commercial-grade ellipticals. The moveable arms work seamlessly with the oversized and comfortable pedals. The fixed heart rate grips are going to be better quality than virtually anything else in its class. And when it comes to the reassurance of quality, you have a top-notch manufacturer in Precor that prides on taking care of its customers. <br/> Now with Precor, you are paying for the name, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are looking for motivation from an interactive personal trainer you are not going to get that experience from this Precor. About the only technological gift, Precor gives you is the heart rate telemetry integration that allows your workout to be tailored to your heart rate with a 5 kHz chest strap. You will instead have a rather basic console with a limited number of workouts to choose between. Some very tall individuals may find the EFX stride a bit short, but most average adults will find it just fine. And while you get a very nice warranty with Precor compared to their competition in this price range, we still wish they would cover the console under the general parts warranty. This being said, we can not remember the last console we have had to replace one of these ellipticals in a residential setting that was not due to abuse or movers. The only big complaint with Precor is the shipping time can take a bit longer and this elliptical is a bit on the steep side when it comes to price.

Things we like

  • Smooth Stride
  • Motorized Ramp
  • Ease Of Use
  • Customer Service

Things we dislike

  • X
    Stride Could Be Longer
  • X
    Limited Workout Programs
  • X
    Delivery Time
  • X



This is the first year we have reviewed the Precor EFX 225, please read our full Precor and other elliptical reviews to see how the EFX compares.


The Precor EFX 225 is a total body rear-drive elliptical. It has ample resistance and elevation for most average sized users. Some very tall and heavy users may find the EFX a bit undersized. To the vast majority of users, the stride is ample and smooth, and the foot trays on the pedals are oversized and comfortable. The moveable handles are made with quality parts and feel good in the hand and the fixed handles are easy to grasp and comfortable. While limited in the number of programs to choose from this Precor makes up for it in the quality of build and components. When you're buying a Precor, yes you pay for the name. You are also paying for the level of service you will get from start to finish with your purchase. There are many more tech-heavy ellipticals in this price range with shorter warranties that are not made as well. So it really comes down to what you want in an elliptical. We liked the Precor EFX 225 enough to give it fourth place on the Treadmill Doctor 2021 Best Buy List for Ellipticals in the 3000-3999$ price range.

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