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Precor 9.35 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the best home treadmills on the market and priced to let you know that you are buying one of the best!

Precor 9.35 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.48

Features power users would appreciate...

An excellent motor-drive system to power extreme running

You stand to benefit through a powerful 3 HP motor that works beautifully with a nicely designed drive to empower extreme fitness goals in a much quieter ambiance. Having said that, one must also mention that better quality motors have featured at prices below $2,000, and what you are getting is not $5,000 grade.

You can attain speeds topping 12 mph, and this is a solid treadmill that is built to take extreme punishment. The company delivers a lifetime warranty both for frame and motor.

A nice and comfortably wide surface

The treadbelt measures 22" x 56" which is wider than the standard treadbelt found in good models, though shorter by 4". Taller users and those with a wider stance will be relieved to use a larger surface to run comfortably and safely.

The cushioning will please extreme runners as it presents one of the most forgiving surfaces that extend maximum protection to exercising limbs and muscles. It's really difficult to improve on this quality.

Good incline decline variations

The -2% to 15% decline and incline variation adds spice to your daily routine and combines well with 16 preset programs to bring more variety and challenge to the workout.

Heavier users can use the machine safely and comfortably

With the unit weighing in at 335 pounds this is a super heavy treadmill ideal for heavier users up to 400 pounds. Big runners can fearlessly follow a punishing routine without compromising its intensity and duration.

Reversibility breathes new life into deck

The deck longevity is increased by simply flipping it. This spreads the shock of extreme running evenly over the running surface thereby extending the useful life of the deck.

And a moment for reflection...

Very pricey treadmill

At $4,999 this treadmill is way beyond the average budget, but a budget-conscious individual need not despair as there are brands that deliver quality, features and performance in more affordable price segments. But, if you are serious about Precor and hell bent on saving cash, then the Precor 9.33 and 9.31 deliver similar quality (with fewer features) for $500 to $1,000 less.

Good longevity, but warranty could have been improved

Longevity is a given because parts quality is excellent and the motor and drive are both well designed. The warranty on the Precor 9.35 of labor - 1 year, parts and wear items - 10 years, and lifetime for the frame and welds - is good but could have been improved upon, especially as users are shelling out huge money upfront.

The final verdict

The Precor 9.35 is a solid treadmill that is top heavy in quality, features and performance, but also heavy in pricing. It's really up to the buyer to decide whether he really needs to pay $1,000 extra for bells and whistles that don't necessarily enhance his user experience, and instead settle for cheaper but equally high quality Precor models like the 9.33 or the 9.31.

Precor makes one of the most solid home treadmills you can find. They also are very proud of their products as reflected in the pricing.