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Precor 9.33 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A very solid machine but a hefty price to go along with it. It is hard to go wrong with Precor... like buying IBM if you are buying new computer systems for your company.

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.52

Features power users would appreciate...

An excellent motor-drive system

This is a powerful 3 HP motor that works efficiently with a good drive system to power a punishing workout in a much noise reduced ambiance. Having said that we must also mention it's not the best motor in its category, and there are better power producing motors at lower prices.

You can attain speeds topping 12 mph without breaking step and run extreme workouts without worrying about the machine. Both motor and frame carry lifetime warranty.

A spacious treadbelt adds to the solidity of the treadmill

The walking surface measuring 22" x 56" is excellent by any reckoning and there's ample width and length to accommodate all types of users and running styles. The motor packs enough power and the drive is designed solidly to move this massive treadbelt.

The cushioning will be very easy on running feet. Power exercisers will love the softer landing and firmer take off associated with an extreme running action. Offers excellent protection for limbs and joints, justifying the high pricing, and you can run miles on this surface without worrying about limb injury.

Big treadmill built for heavy users

With the unit weighing in at 335 pounds this is a super heavy treadmill that will tolerate heavier users crossing 375 pounds. Big runners can follow extreme fitness regimens without compromising the intensity and duration of their fitness programs.

Reversibility feature prolongs deck life

The deck longevity is increased by simply reversing it and installing a new belt. This spreads the shock of extreme running evenly over the running surface giving the deck a new lease of life.

Good longevity and matching warranty

This is a solid treadmill with very high quality parts that is higher on longevity than many of its competitors. The warranty on the Precor 9.33 is good; labor - 1 year, parts and wear items - 10 years, and the frame and welds - lifetime. But it could definitely have been improved upon considering the huge price paid up front.

And a moment for reflection...

Not for a budget buyer

The $4,499 price tag is definitely beyond the average budget, but a budget-conscious individual need not despair as there are great models that combine utility and affordability in affordable price segments. But if you are a serious buyer looking for savings, then the Precor 9.31 delivers equal quality for $500 less.

The final verdict

The Precor 9.33 is undoubtedly a great machine that will give you years of trouble free service but it is also as pricey as it is heavy. For $500 less the Precor 9.31 delivers the same levels of quality and performance and many won't know the difference.

Nice treadmill and nice price tag to go along with it. Heavy on quality but also heavy on price.