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Precor 9.31 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Best Buy winner in the $3999 price range. This is the best value of Precor's high end. You pay for the name but you get a quality treadmill. That is typically what happens with the big brands that have a strong presence in the clubs.

Precor 9.31 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 8.04

Precor has been active in the market since the 1980s and has acquired a solid reputation in the commercial treadmill segment, especially with their high end models, and the reasons are not hard to find: their emphasis on quality, targeting high end consumers and upmarket health clubs. They have a clear cut philosophy; raise the bar by wedding an ergonomic treadmill design with exceptional engineering skills for making products that empower extreme fitness goals.

Features extreme users would love

3 HP motor generates raw power that amplifies deck dynamics

The superb handling of the treadmill can be attributed to its powerful 3 HP motor. It's not just the quality of the motor but it's the efficient way in which it combines with the drive that motivates us to appreciate the quantum leap in quality that users experience.

A 22" x 56" wider belt is just adequate to energize any workout

Many comparably priced models sport a longer running area but that by itself doesn't guarantee enhanced performance. What is significant is that the 9.31 has the ammunition and firepower to boost extreme fitness routines on its wider more compact running strip.

Cushioning technology enhances user comfort

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Precor in health spas and fitness club circuits is the quality of the company's impact control technology. There is adequate support for heel shock absorption, knee stress reduction, and stride modulation that effectively minimizes fatigue and also averts muscle injury. There is enough give and take in the deck surface for tolerating different user styles.

A heavy treadmill that accepts heavier users

The machine checks in at 335 pounds and has a higher stress tolerance for users exceeding 300 pounds. This is great news not just for average user but also for heavier users that can follow a sustained and punishing fitness regimen without fearing loss of control or stability.

Reversible deck boosts longevity of the running strip

To protect the deck from excessive wear and tear through prolonged use, all you need to do is to flip the deck, reversing its deck to get a fresh new surface.

Stronger warranty means a more committed company

The warranty is lifetime for the frame, 10 years for mechanical and electronic parts and 1 year for labor, certainly on par with the best in the industry.

And a moment for reflection

The pricing may not suit a low profile user; remember this is a high-end machine

Undoubtedly $3,999 is not a budget that fits the average runner or casual exerciser; it suits the committed user and the power runner more. If you look at the quality of the components used and the reliability and longevity that are guaranteed, this is certainly the best price in its segment. The budget conscious user would be better off opting for a lower bracket treadmill with reduced quality.

The last word

The fitness experience that the Gym-Spa-Resort circuit popularizes is an eclectic combination of cardio endurance exercises, individualized weight loss programs and personal fitness training, and the Precor 9.31 treadmill has all the ingredients that appeal to the high end users that frequent these centers. After you get on this machine and use the machine you will quickly realize that Precor knows treadmills. An extremely solid treadmill but you pay for the name.