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Peloton Tread Treadmill Review

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How long will the Peloton Tread last?

One of the main reasons that we awarded the Peloton Tread is because of its strong build. When compared to other treadmills in this price range, this machine far outweighs the others. The Peloton Tread’s sturdy build helps us to be assured that this treadmill was built to last. The one good thing that comes from shelling out so much money is that you are purchasing a machine that is built with a runner in mind. So, if you are a light to moderate runner, you can be assured that the Peloton Tread will likely last for many years.

Brief Overview

One of the newest treadmills on the markets is making quite the splash. The Peloton Tread+ has been sweeping the market with the fancy new commercials and marketing pushes, but is it worth all the hype? We think so! The Peloton Tread+ is our 2021 Treadmill Doctor Best Buy Winner for the $4,000 to $5,999 dollar category. While we have a few features that we do not love, there are many that we do love.

Overall Quality

We are sure if you have a television or some sort of screen that you have been introduced to one of the newer treadmills on the market, the Peloton Tread+. And, obviously, the Peloton Tread+, out Frist Place 2021 Best Buy Winner for the $4,000 to $5,999 category is worth it- well, almost. But before we get to the setbacks, let’s talk about the features we do like that helped to land the Peloton Tread+ our first-place award.

For starters, the Peloton Tread+’s screen is one of the biggest on the market. This treadmill comes with a 32” HD touchscreen. And to make this huge screen even cooler, it tilts! That way when you are doing your different workouts (on and off the treadmill in the Peloton fashion) you can move the screen for optimal viewing. Like other Treadmills in this price range, the Peloton Tread+ comes with 15 levels of incline. But, unlike other Treadmills, this machine has 12.5 speed levels- you know, because half of a level really makes the difference. But, as usual, we like a machine’s build way more than we care about the technology since you really need a Treadmill that is going to last. Accordingly, the Peloton Tread+ has one of the strongest builds in this price category. Though we are a little concerned about the 2 HP motor capability, the frame on this puppy is sure to last. One of the best things about purchasing a Treadmill in this price range is that they are made for running. Like most Treadmills built with this much quality, the Peloton Tread+ is built to support a runner for a while.

But, let’s talk about one of the aspects that really makes the Peloton Tread+ stand out- the slatted belt. You may notice that the Peloton Tread+ has a 20 x 67 walking area as opposed to the usual 20 x 60. Part of the extra space is attributed to the frame and design of the handles that allow the user to utilize more of the space. But another reason with the Peloton Tread+ has a bigger walking area is thanks to its slatted belt which allows the user to have a longer stride. While the bigger walking area is nice, the slatted belt offers much more benefit that just a bigger area. Unlike the traditional deck and solid threaded belt model, a slatted belt operates off of multiple smaller wheels. These wheels have the suspension built into them which allows each stride to feel a little more cushioned. Additionally, the slatted belt produces less noise since you are not bouncing on a solid, wooden deck step after step. Though the slat belt design belongs to Woodway, Peloton does not do a poor job at recreating the slat belt with more advanced technology. Though we do like the slat belt and are aware of the value that it warrants the Peloton Tread+, we do want to throw a little caution to the wind. Since most Treadmills are not slat belted, the Peloton Tread+ will be a very specific Treadmill to fix if you were to need belt maintenance. We will discuss our disappointment with their warranty, but for now, be sure to take the slat belt addition with a grain of salt knowing that such a special belt also requires special maintenance.

The last positive aspect of the Peloton Tread+ that we like are the incline a speed knobs. While they do not do too much to increase the overall value, the knobs certainly do stand out. Unlike other treadmills with usual buttons, the Peloton Tread+ promotes their speed and incline knobs that supposedly help ease the transitions that occur during the workout. While we aren’t sure how much time and energy the knobs save, they are neat!

Now onto the features that we do not like. Just like any other treadmill, there are always things that keep a Treadmill from being perfect. For starters, the Peloton Tread+ does not come with EKG heart rate monitors. We understand that Peloton is trying to introduce a newer, more modern form of Treadmill- they may be getting a little carried away. EKG heart rate grips may be simple and cheap, but you would think that would mean a $4,300 dollar price tag you do not have to spend any more money to get the most from your treadmill. Peloton seems to think that since heart rate grips are so out of date, users should just use their own heart rate equipment. It is nice that the advanced Peloton screen is compatible with other devices, but is Peloton really saying that you have to purchase your own watch on top of the Tread+’s price tag just so you can keep your heart rate under control? Seems as though they are.

To continue, the Peloton does not seem to make many strides at making the Peloton Tread+ affordable. After you put down a whapping four grands for a Treadmill, you also have to purchase a $39 dollar Peloton membership. They justify the price of their membership by arguing that your membership works with every Peloton machine you own from your bike to your treadmill. So basically, after you spend at least $6,000 dollars on Peloton machines, at least your $40 dollar a month membership can be truly utilized. Additionally, Peloton argues that their financing for the Peloton Tread+ is affordable averaging about $111 dollars a month for 39 months (more than three years!) because it is less than most gym memberships. But, when you add to that a $39 dollar membership, you are left with a $150 dollar payment that you are locked into for more than three years. I know many people who would run if a gym placed a contract in front of them saying they had to pay $150 dollars for more than three years. While we here at Treadmill Doctor appreciate the value in the Peloton Tread+’s technology and build, you may need to take some time to really consider whether or not this is a financial decision that fits your needs.

Lastly, we have one final nail in the coffin that may ward you off from purchasing the Peloton Tread+. While we do like the Peloton Tread+, we are pretty disappointed to see that Peloton decided not to upgrade their treadmill. Instead, they added a plus sign onto the name of their Tread from last year and then produced a stripped down version for about $2,000 dollars less. While we do like that they are becoming more versatile, we do not understand why they didn’t add much to the Tread+ to really make it a distinctively new treadmill. Additionally, Peloton seems to have a rule that they only cover their machines with a one-year warranty. If you do finance this machine, you will still be paying for it more than two years after the warranty wears out! But don’t fear…you can always purchase an extended warranty from Peloton. If you are worried about your unique slat belt breaking down within the first few years, then you can rest assure that shelling out more money for an extended warranty on top of your $4,300 dollar bill and your $39 dollar-a-month bill will give you more worry than your actual Peloton Tread will.

Things we like

  • Screen Tilt
  • Speed and Incline Knobs
  • Slat Belt
  • 32" Screen
  • Bigger Walking Area
  • Solid Build
  • Home Setup and Delivery

Things we dislike

  • X
  • X
    Peloton Membership - $39 a month
  • X
    Smaller Horsepower
  • X
  • X
    No EKG Grips
  • X
    Didn’t Upgrade Just Changed the Name


Pre-Programmed Workouts N/A
Heart Rate Sensor and Type N/A
Horsepower 2
Speed Range 0 - 12.5
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 15
Weight Capacity N/A
Belt Size 20 x 67 Slat Belt
Footprint 36.5” x 72.5” x 72”
Folds No
Warranty 1 Year for Machine
Weight of Unit 455


This is the first year that we have been able to review the Peloton Tread+. Technically, we did review this model last year, though, and it won our 2020 First Place award. The only difference is that they added a plus sign to the name.


Our 2021 Best Buy Winner for the $4,000 to $5,999 dollar category is likely to please a moderate runner looking for a new, unique treadmill experience. While we are not overly thrilled with the Peloton Tread+’s high price tag, additional costs and inability to upgrade, we are thrilled to see so much technology, innovation, and durability all in one treadmill. If you can afford such a pricey treadmill, you will likely not be disappointed.

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