Octane XT4700 Elliptical Review

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How long will the Octane XT4700 last?

With an 87 inch ‘in motion’ length, the Octane XT4700 is streamlined for space-efficiency and manufactured to hold up to 400 lbs. of moving workout weight on its rather massive frame. This elliptical is an innovative mix of hearty metal that weighs 390 lbs. when fully assembled with the optional sidesteps attached and needs a clear resting place for safe operation. Moderate use of the Octane XT4700 will add longevity, though the warranties covering this machine are rather low in our opinion with only 3 years on the frame and parts and 1 year on labor.

Brief Overview

The Octane XT4700 is our Third Place Best Buy Winner in the $5,000 to $6,999 price range and is a solid investment for any commercial facility looking to add a stalwart elliptical to their exercise equipment collection. The XT4700 comes with two console choices on top of quality components melded together to form an advanced elliptical option for users of all levels of fitness health. Though the warranties are lower than we would like, Octane is backed by their parent company True, who is a renowned brand in the fitness industry.

Overall Quality

The Octane XT4700 has consumers trekking normally with biometric technology meshed in the manufacturing for optimal movements by users of all sizes. The patented handlebars have multi-grip positions targeting toning of alternate upper body extremities and are ergonomically designed to follow the body’s natural running motion. There is a variable stride length of 20” to 28” that automatically adjusts during training sessions while 30 levels of resistance keep users on their toes reaching for the stars in the attainment of fitness goals. In addition, the Octane XT4700 has pedals spaced 1.8” apart for perfect body alignment during training which helps relieve pressure on joints and muscles for pain free exercise each and every time.
The Smart console on the XT4700 features a 10” touchscreen with streaming capabilities. This connection to the outside world is important for monitoring and recording performance data as well as providing entertainment options during workout periods. There are numerous built-in programs as well as specialty training including CrossCircuit performance band exercise coaching. Other specialty training included in the XT4700 is the X-Mode, the Glute Kicker, the 30:30 Interval, and MMA fitness preparations for the consumer looking to increase their workout performance to the highest level.

Things we like

  • 20” to 28” variable stride length
  • Optional side steps for targeted upper body workouts

Things we dislike

  • X
    Low warranties on frame, parts, and labor
  • X


Active Footprint w/Side steps 87” L x 40” W
Unit Weight w/Side steps 390 lbs.
Maximum Capacity 400 lbs.
Side Steps Optional buy on
Resistance 30 levels
Built In Workouts 15
Stride 20” to 28” adjustable


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Proper care and maintenance as well as a climate-controlled atmosphere will see the Octane XT4700 last longer than the 3-year frame and parts warranty. It has been designed for optimal performance with biometric influences to mimic real running motions and comes with advanced programs for intense training sessions. The XT4700 is a commercial workhorse of a machine and a great investment for any facility or gym environment.