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Octane Q47ce Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Q47ce is the best value of the Q47 series in our opinion at $2,999.

Overall Quality

Why, many people asked us this year, are you going to review Octane's ellitpicals based on what you think their MSRP should be instead of that it actually is? The reason is that we believe that Octane makes a very good elliptical. We just don't believe that it is worth the money that they ask. We have consistently stated this for years regardless of the year or the model involved. Because of this we constantly get questions as to what price would constitute a good buy for an Octane elliptical. We are changing our review format to hopefully have fewer questions asked by people interested in Octane products so i can concentrate on selling replacement parts. If you are considering this unit at full price you should really look at the True TX before you buy.


Adjustability 7
Reliability 8
Noise Level 6
Value 9
Warranty 5
Quality 7
Ergonomics 9

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