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Octane Q47c Elliptical Review - $4,499.00

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  • Rating

  • Brief Overview

    The Octane Q47c is a machine with average quality parts and a reliability rating that is better than the quality of the components. This is due to good engineering and design that allows the machine to perform better than the quality of its components.
  • Overall Quality

    When I look at what you get from Octane vs True, Precor and LifeFitness I start to giggle a little at the sheer audacity of it all. It's hard to imagine that Octane would try to pass this equipment off at the level of those other brands but they do. But Octane has a loyal accomplish in this, their dealer base that has made out sized profits over the years perpetuating this scheme.
  • Ratings

    Adjustability 7
    Reliability 6
    Noise Level 5
    Value 4
    Warranty 5
    Quality 5
    Ergonomics 7

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