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Elliptical Name: Octane Q 45 E
Editor’s Note:

If you buy this elliptical with we have a deal for you.  Several years ago we sold Tennessee magic rocks for $100 each.  We now have the SUPER Tennessee magic rock for only $999.  It cures cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, toe fungus, bad breath, and guarantees the seller will have giggles for the rest of their natural lives.

MSRP: $3599
Strengths: Functional elliptical
Weakness: Value
Reliability: 7
Noise Level: 7
Value: 4
Warranty: 5
Quality: 7
Ergomonics: 6
Overall Rating : 6.00
Review Comments:
The Octane Q 45 e series is the heart rate functional model for the top tier of the elliptical market.  With Precor and Lifefitness available in the price range we really can’t understand why anyone would buy one of these.
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